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  • bugs and mattress on floor...

    Hey ladies! We co-sleep with our 15 month daughter and LOVE it! Well, she is at the age where she is very active and tries crawling and walking on the bed. I am so scared she is going to fall off in the middle of the night. Well, I talked with my husband and we brought a mattress into our room (our room is quite large) and I was going to sleep with her on it at night and naps. Well, the other night I felt something crawling on me! I turned on the light and found a 3-4 inch centipede on the mattress!!!!!! I know it might sound stupid, but I am SO scared of creepy-crawlies (centipedes, and SPIDERS! IIIICKKK!) Now I am terrified to have this happen again but want my daughter to be safe at the same time! Ahhh, what do I do? Any suggestions?


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    We use an ultrasound machine that works for cockroaches and rats, I dont know about centipedes but, if it's not the same, probably there's some other tipe of ultrasound against that particulary bug ...
    good luck