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Co-sleeping with a thrasher

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  • Co-sleeping with a thrasher

    I cosleep with my 11mo son and husband. My son is not a very good bed mate! He thrashes a lot in his sleep, he kicks off the covers, rolls around, talks, whines, fusses and sometimes cries. Most of the time he is not even awake! I have no problem with night nursing since he and I go right back to sleep together. Some nights he clearly needs soothing, which I do for him. But his kicking wakes me up every hour! Many nights my husband goes out to the living room so he can at least sleep peacefully. But I still get awakened by thrashing baby. Has anyone experienced a thrashing baby in the bed? How did you handle it? Thank you for any input!

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    Same boat here ... even with an almost 11 month old. We have a queen size bed with the mattress on the floor. We put her crib mattress on the floor in the corner and put our mattress right up against it with no gaps. She thrashes so i just scoot her way over. I keep telling myself I'll put her on her crib mattress but haven't gotten that far. Usually if i give her enough room to throw her arms and legs out we are fine. It seems like some nights she just wants her own space. But then again our room can get warm in the wee hours.

    Come to think of it she doesn't really do that when we keep the room really cool. That may be it.


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      My 4yo and 2yo did the same thing at that age, and still do. But now, they often roll over on top of us. Some nights a good night's sleep is hard to find.

      My 4yo sleeps with us one night a week (thursday's everyone sleeps in Mommy and Daddy's bed) and my 2you comes in every other night or so.

      When they were in there all the time we would take turns with who "snuggled" the fighter. This gave the other parent the majority of the bed and a relatively peaceful night sleep. Hope this helps!


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        I imagine if I was in your situation I would have another sleeping nest to the main sleeping area.. (if a queen mattress was on the floor for the parents, then a single futon butted up to it would be the extra surface) and when the child is asleep and starts to have 'creative' sleep he could be gently pushed over to his thrashing area...with his own blanket!

        I imagine it could be a toddler bed also, just brainstorming. If that child wakes up, cuddle him again untill the thrashing starts! Then repeat!


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          My son at 5 months does this too..usually wanting to be turned over or wants a snuggle. Our bed is fairly small for the three of us and I've been wondering how to remedy that. I like the idea of placing another sleep area near our bed for him to prevent him from waking me up continuously however our bedroom is too small for that. I wonder what else I could do to fix this...


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            Thanks for the feedback! Our room is small and we have a dog who also loves to cuddle so we can't really put the mattress on the floor without creating new problems. I've thought about bringing in a crib to do the "side-car" arrangement so maybe I could push baby over on nights when he's all over the place. Similar idea to the adjacent mattress. But I'm still resistant to any type of crib set-up...except on the really hard nights! Right now we have a bedrail on my side of the bed so I can put him pretty close to the edge, but it still gets crowded when he thrashes a lot. The temperature idea makes sense too...he seems to get especially fussy when he's snuggled warmly in the middle. The other night he slept soundly in his own little spot, withouth any covers, just PJs! He's a strange mix of "I need to cuddle with mommy all night long" and "get out of my way, I'm sleeping!"