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ideas for gentle sleep "helping" 9 month old

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  • ideas for gentle sleep "helping" 9 month old

    My son is 9 months old, has been sleeping in his crib since he was about 4 months old, has nursed every 2 hours since birth even at night. He goes to bed at 7:30, I nurse him and lay him down. For the past few weeks he has been waking up around 10 and takes rocking and nursing, more rocking to get him back to sleep. For the past week, every time he wakes up it takes over an hour to get him back to sleep. We are tall people and to have him in bed with us is VERY squishy, and my son thrashes so much I'm not sure its safe for him. Our 3 year old daughter slept though the night from 6 months, because we "sleep trained" her, going against my instinct but gave in to the pressure, not knowing any better. We want to do it differently this time. My husband used to be able to go in and rock him back to sleep if he woke up, but now he only wants me, and if I do get him to sleep he wakes the second I am out of his room. We have had him in the play yard in our room but it seems like he wakes up. I have a 3 year old so I can't nap during the day and I'm buckling under the fatigue.

    Any suggestions for gentle sleep help for our dear little one? He is so tired that he is starting to cry all day, but will now only nap for an hour twice each day no matter how tired he is.

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    My children slept in similar ways at that age, so I know the frustration. You feel like you will never make it. I promise it does get better. Both of mine have turned into great sleepers. You say that him being in your room in the play yard wakes him up but it sounds like he's waking up away from you, too. If he's in the room w/you, at least you don't have to go far to tend to him. Have you experimented w/other things like dressing him in less or more clothes, looked at foods that may bother him, changing bedtime routines/times?


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      Could it be the part of separation anxiety? I heard that if they wake up just a little, even though in the past they would settle back to sleep by themselves, they can't do that anymore because they're feeling the pangs of being away from you. This seems like a normal (though frustrating) experience. I'm sure it will pass, but in the meantime, your little one wants to make sure you are still around.
      Perhaps you can do some transitional actions. First go to his room and pick him up, then later nights, just go to his room, but don't pick him up, and lastly, just whisper from outside the bedroom, "I'm here sweetie. Time to sleep." Hopefully, he'll understand that you will always be there for him.
      All the best and big hugs to you both.'


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        Have you tried the "No Cry Sleep Solution"; it describes a similar plan; it takes ages to do, but is much kinder than CIO
        Good luck, though; it's terrible being tired
        Is there anyone that can take over for a few hours so you can get some rest?