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    My little girl just turned 7 months old and has exclusively breastfed until recently, when I began to introduce solid foods to her diet. She cosleeps with my husband and I and has always had "sleep issues". She never liked to be put down as a newborn, and would immediately wake up if we tried to. At around 2 months we got her to sleep near our bed in a bouncer in a pack-n-play (after nursing down of course). She slept relatively well there - waking only 1x between 2 and 3am most nights. When she started to get too big for the chair around 4-5 months we started to cosleep again. Since then, she has gotten progressively worse with night feedings. I am losing sleep (and so is my husband) and wonder if anyone has suggestions to help reduce night feedings with cosleepers? I usuaaly let her cry it out the first awakening as it has only been 1-3 hrs since last feeding. After that, I worry that she might actually be hungry as she has always been a big eater. Help!!!!!!

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    Babies who co-sleep with mom usually eat more often. I mean, if you slept with a box of cookies next to you, wouldn't you want to munch through the night? Hahaha!
    My little one is 8 months old and sleeps with me in bed too. I feel the same way. If he wants to eat, I don't want to risk not feeding him in case he's hungry. But more and more, I can tell he's only nibbling to fall back asleep. So sweet, but not great for sleep, right? So I started this new thing to teach him to fall back asleep without tears.
    When he bats me with his arms, I first try to shoosh him or pat him back to sleep. Yeah, I know. This doesn't always work, but if you do it often enough, one day your baby will surprise you. If that doesn't comfort him, I then offer him my breast. When I see that he's just nibbling, I let him do it for a few minutes, then I insert my finger in his mouth and gently pop him off. If he protests, I give it back to him and try a few minutes later.
    The result? Well after a couple of weeks, he removes himself as soon as he feels my finger touch his lips and falls asleep on his own. And quite often now, the shooshing is enough to help go back to sleep. And he's sleeping for longer too.
    Hope this helps you and your loved one!


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      You may want to feed her the first time she wakes up. I assume you may not be in bed yet or just getting to bed. This is very common actually and may help her fall asleep deeper later in the night. I don't think letting her 'cry it out' is a good technique to convince her to want you less at night and may encourage her to feel less secure at night time.

      I love this link at Kellymom- please read it-

      Do you nurse her laying down? Can you fall asleep while nursing? Do me a favor and write down a typical night...when she falls asleep, when you lay down, what times she wakes and what you do as a result.
      I have three children and the baby is 7m also. she nurses about 4-5 times a night and cosleeps in on my arm cuddled in. This is less then my other two at this point. My second had dairy allergies I was getting a hold of and his nursing style did not let me nurse him and sleep at the same time. My first was a frequent night nurser but gentle so I could occasionally nurse him ans sleep at the same time.

      I assume that this is your first baby and you are home with her? If that is the case try to sleep when she naps during the day. This REALLY helps and I wish I could but I can't leave an unattended non-naping 3 yr old milling around the house!

      Let me know the answers to some of my questions please!