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bedsharing, breastfeeding, and keeping us all happy

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  • bedsharing, breastfeeding, and keeping us all happy

    First of all - this is my first post here on the forums. I'm a founding member of our local AP chapter, which is defunct at the moment with all three leaders having gone back to work or just being busy with our families. I'm a nurse by trade. Aspiring midwife, a local doula, and an extended bf'ing mom of two. Currently unexpectedly expecting number 3 in June.

    Anyway, I'm a bedsharing momma who's starting to get very frustrated. My 2 year old has upped her nursing to compensate for my supply starting to dip down. We had been trying to transition her to a bunk bed with her big sister just across the hall but we were met with all kinds of resistance so that kinda went down the tubes. If my hubby had his way, we never would have bedshared or had any sort of attachment parenting philosophy integrated in our lifestyle, so I have been holding down the fort with some difficulty (the man isn't a fan of AP but he LOVES babywearing and is very supportive of breastfeeding).

    I feel like I'm not getting any rest. I have hyperemesis gravidarum as well, so basically I am lacking in nutrition already and breastfeeding is becoming extremely difficult to support. My AP friends who've experienced hyperemesis gravidarum have advised me that weaning is difficult to do during pregnancy with this condition. I don't know the science behind it, myself, but my biological desire is to push my daughter away from the breast. Instinctively I'm wanting to protect my new baby from my wriggling and rough nursing toddler.

    We recently started working on the rough nursing and it seems to work for a few days, and then dd is back to kicking and pinching and kneeing me in the gut. Sleeping or not.

    I just want a little support, guidance, or any tips or tricks to either end this sleep arrangement or make it better. Dh is all for extreme measures, including crying it out in the new bed (eek!).

    Also... this waking up and moaning toddler... anyone else experiencing this? (I think it's night terrors maybe?)

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    I saw your post and just wanted to ask how things are going for you now? Has your family found a solution that works for you? Are you still looking for some advice and support?


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      Originally posted by daizyrhonda View Post
      Also... this waking up and moaning toddler... anyone else experiencing this? (I think it's night terrors maybe?)
      I can empathize with your situation (although I am not pregnant!) as my 2 YO has also been increasing his nursing lately, especially at night, and has been waking up screaming, moaning, etc., although it seems as though he is still asleep. Sometimes he is inconsolable, and will pull off my breast and continue crying out. I am wondering if it is because he has started talking (a lot) in the last few mths and often wakes up yelling new words or phrases or things that he has seen/learned recently. I am also wondering about dreams or night terrors, and if they are common in children of this age.

      When he wakes up in this way, I wonder if I should try to wake him up, or if I should leave him; although my instincts tell me to avoid crying even if he isn't fully awake. I would love any further input from those who have experienced this!