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She FELL out of bed last night!

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  • She FELL out of bed last night!

    At 6:30 am, I awakened to a loud crash. Followed by screams...

    We're traveling for my job right now, and we stay in an apartment with a very high full-size bed (at home, we have a california king mattress on the floor). Sometimes dad sleeps on the couch because the bed gets cramped. Usually, we put pillows on either side of kiddo (16 months) so that she can't roll off in her sleep, but last night, when I woke up to switch sides to nurse, I thought he'd taken the extra pillow with him. I figured she hadn't fallen off in the many other nights we'd spent there, so it was ok. But, no. She fell right off an hour or so after we'd nursed back to sleep. And there is a nightstand right by where she fell - I don't know if she hit it or not.

    I was so worried. I waited til she woke up to go to work. She woke up her usual energetic self, babbling away, running, dancing, playing. So I guess she's just fine!

    Anyways, just wanted to share because it was so scary! When we came here, they were telling us where we could rent cribs and things, but we don't use a crib. I wish the rest of the world were cosleeping-friendly...

    (I know the majority of the world is cosleeping-friendly, but I couldn't find a better euphemism to express my wish)

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    wow! that would have freaked me out, too. my kids are major rollers and we've decided that they will never get frames for their mattresses

    is it possible to get bedrails that travel well that you could use in the future?


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      It's always scary when they fall off the bed.

      Something like this may be helpful.


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        Originally posted by althara View Post
        Something like this may be helpful.
        I'm glad your daughter is okay. It is so scary when they fall. I second the bed rails. We almost bought the same ones until we figured out a way to make our current rails fit a king size bed.
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          Bless your heart! I would've been scared too! Our son is 19 months old, and we sleep with him in the same manner you were talking about with pillows on the side(s). I hope she is doing okay! I remember reading in Dr. Sears' Nightime Parenting book that he talked about using a bed rail (oops- I just realized that someone already mentioned them... so I second that for what they said). We have a king-size bed, and I haven't been able to find one for that size. We have one for a twin-size bed that was handed down to us for when our son moves into his own bed. On a side note, if anyone does know about a bed rail that would work for a king-size bed... please post it! I know it would make a LOT more room in our bed to be able to move at least one of the pillows.


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            both of mine fell off the bed ...I remember panicking when my son did it, freaked out for hours..but he was fine. The bed rails that althara posted look like a good solution
            My daughter did it while playing on the bed at a hotel room and that was a trip to the ER as she fell on top of her head- I was right there and did not catch her in time.
            She was fine too


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              Thanks everyone for your replies! She seems completely unfazed-- she was climbing on the couch in ways yesterdy that I thought for sure she was going to fall again! She remains fearless...

              Originally posted by althara View Post
              It's always scary when they fall off the bed.

              Something like this may be helpful.
              These look great. I'll show them to my husband and we may go ahead and get them. We have a lot of upcoming travel.



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                I know when I posted many, many months ago about my DD falling off the bed at night on our San Antonio API message board the moms there said that ALL kids do it. That made me feel alot better knowing that we weren't the only one.

                I'm glad to hear that she was okay....I hear that falling off when you are asleep is better than falling off when awake. Because the child is asleep, their body is loose and they pretty much just flop to the ground.

                I also second the bedrail. We have one for DD when she sleeps in her twin daybed. The rest of the night she sleeps with us in a King and we don't use a bedrail, but she sleeps in the middle.

                Here is a link to the bedrail that we have. We use it on a twin, but I have pulled it off and does fit on our extra thick King mattress.

       ... ER+BEDRAIL

                It is the DEX Safe Sleeper Extra Tall Bed Rail and it folds down when not in use. It is really tall and will fit a deep mattress. I originally bought this bedrail at my Wal-Mart, but can't seem to find it on their website. You might still be able to buy it at Wal-Mart store, but just not from the Wal-Mart website. The box is purple and orange.


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                  Thanks for posting the bedrail link!