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    I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on March 21. We are having a little trouble with sleeping though. While she's on my chest for chest to chest time throughout the day she is sound asleep. IF I let her (which i don't because of her small size) she would sleep for four hours or so. However when we put her to bed at night she doesn't sleep very well. We have a special bed that she sleeps in that is in between my husband and me. When I lay her down to sleep she spends a large amount of time making noises and grunting...she just doesn't want to settle down. If I pick her up to rock her to sleep she falls soundly asleep until I set her down...My question is does anyone out there have any ideas on how I can get her to sleep as well in her own bed as she does against my chest?

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    congrats on your new baby!

    my first did the same thing. if i weren't in direct skin-to-skin (like hand on chest) he wouldn't sleep. so we just followed his cues. i slept while touching him all night. we brought him into our bed and he slept much better. w/ds2, he spent many nights sleeping in my sling while i slept in a reclining rocker. it could be that your baby is trying to tell you that she's too far away from you, even in the little bed in your bed.
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      I moved this to an area where it is likely to get more responses.

      Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I remember all too well how sleep in the early days was and mine are now 4.5 and 6.5. I agree with PaxMamma that it is likely she is communicating her desire to be closer to you. This may take the form of you resting your arm next to her in her little bed so she can feel you or something else.


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        Check for Reflux and Food sensitivity

        My first son exhibited similar behaviors. He had acid reflux, and I didn't realize it until he was one years old! I just dealt with the lack of sleep because I didn't know any better.

        He would sleep well in a sling or sitting upright in the car seat, but lie him flat and boom he would wake within minutes! His reflux was the culprit. I later found several friends with reflux babies who all stopped co-sleeping with their babies in the same bed. Instead their babies slept in car seats next to their beds. My one friend put the car seat in a crib to protect her baby from the dog! But the upright position was the key!

        Remember it's not a matter of how close you sleep to your baby, just a matter of how much you meet their night time needs.

        Also, I later found my son had sensitivity to salycilates. Of course, at such a young age, he was not eating foods high in salycilates - but I was and I was nursing him. I know it made a difference in his sleep because I just had an episode of the same poor sleep pattern with my second son. Check out my other thread under Infancy, Feeding with Love and Respect, called "A whole new definition of "healthy" food.

        In the mean time, try letting your husband wear the baby while you take a nap! Sleep is so important. I think I was borderline PPD the first year because of lack of sleep!

        Jen Krug
        Richmond, VA


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          You might try swaddling her. It will give her the feeling of being held. But, at least in my experience, you need to do a very snug swaddle. Just like a little burrito! Both of my children absolutely loved swaddling at this age. My son in that first month or so would grunt some (ocassionally still does) but he sleeps very very well for a newborn and I attribute some of that to the swaddling. The rest is his temperment (mellow little boy!)

          Congrats on your little one!


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            Both of my kids have preferred sleeping on me or near me, as opposed to their own bed/space, especially when they were little. Though, my son is 12 months and still likes falling asleep on me. I think that if you and your baby are sleeping well like this (with her on you), then continue this way and get some good sleep She's so small right now and I agree that this may be her way of trying to tell you that she wants you to hold her to sleep. Oh, goodness, just thinking about new baby cuddles makes me want a new one right now. It's so sweet.

            Congratulations on your new baby

            Here's an interesting article on sleep patterns. It's long, but very interesting. What your baby is doing is actually pretty normal.
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              That is exactly how DD was at that age, and she is still like that to an extent. We started swaddling her, which helped some. I also noticed that if I put my hand on her belly, she will settle down some, so sometimes I just sleep with my hand on her. DD is still a restless sleeper, but she has settled down somewhat from when she was a newborn and grunting all of the time.


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                My DS slept on me, chest to chest, for the first several months... maybe even 6 months for nap time. Then at nighttime, he wanted me very close, so my arm had to be on him so he could feel me. Sometimes he had to be right in the crook of my arm. He still snuggles me just like that at 10 months old!


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                  Ah, yes, just wanted to chime in to let you know that both of my babies have slept ON me in their early weeks. With my first child, I remember thinking I must be so strange....I'd certainly heard of and knew of others who were co-sleeping but I didn't know of anyone who slept w/ their child ON them, even at nighttime! But that is what my son wanted and really the only way I could also get some sleep. I later found quite a few others who had done this or were doing this with their babies as well. So when my second baby seemed to need this too it didn't seem as strange to me. Both slept on me til around 10 weeks. So sweet!


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                    Originally posted by joey's mom View Post
                    My DS slept on me, chest to chest, for the first several months... maybe even 6 months for nap time. Then at nighttime, he wanted me very close, so my arm had to be on him so he could feel me. Sometimes he had to be right in the crook of my arm. He still snuggles me just like that at 10 months old!
                    how did you prevent yourself from rolling with you (i've started to roll with her)?? how do you tell if he/she is ready to sleep further away from you??


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                      My first DD is exactly as you describe. My friends ALL recommended I sleep with her. I was appalled!! What about all of the incidents I'd heard of when co-sleeping ended badly???!!

                      But, my friends assured me that with SAFE co-sleeping, and my maternal instinct, we would thrive. And we did. My first DD slept on me as I sat up in bed for the first 2 months, then we did a combo of laying down to co-sleep, then sitting up after she awoke for the first feeding. My second DD wanted to sleep in my arms in cradle position for the first 3 months. DS wanted to sleep in bed with me, from the get-go. They are all different, and they all tell you what they need.

                      She'll tell you when she's ready to sleep further from you. You can try to sleep further and she how she does.

                      One beauty that I've noticed from co-sleeping is that it fosters independence sooner! My first DD slept with me, then with my DH when DS was born. Now she asks to go to bed, alone, at nearly 4 years of age (she's been doing this for about a year).

                      I hear you. Is there a guarantee that you won't roll with her?? No, but you have maternal instinct. many times did you roll out of bed?? Probably none, because you 'know' where the bed ends, even in your sleep! Same idea of why you won't roll on her.


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                        My lil angel slept on me like that for the first few weeks as well. She would wake up and start grunting when I put her down. Then at around 2.5 months she she started wiggling around until I put her down on the bed where she would curl into me and sleep there. Now, at 6 months, she has started rolling away from me at night, but still making sure she has some skin contact with me like with her hand or feet.

                        I find that going with the flow is much easier (on both of us) than trying to change things.


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                          My daughter also did the same thing...I started to put a heating pad down on low heat for about 10 min. prior to setting her down in her co-sleeping bassinet, then removed the heating pad, then set her down on the heating pad and kept one hand on her. She wasn't jolted from sleep by laying on cool sheets, and was still in contact w/ me.
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