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weaning from breastfeeding and cosleeping and major sleep deprivation.

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  • weaning from breastfeeding and cosleeping and major sleep deprivation.

    Phase 1
    So, my DS is 13 months, almost 14 months now. About 2 weeks ago he stopped breastfeeding to sleep, including naps and was waking up so frequently at night, and not nursing that we weren't getting any real sleep anyways. I decided that it was time to start weaning him from the family bed. We were also in a developmental lull, he was already walking, not teething and wasn't sick. I wanted him weaned by September anyways so I could take a couple days for a honeymoon with his father. He had been napping constantly in his crib for about an hour twice a day for over a month. For the first week I would wake up with him, every 2 hours, breastfeed him and then rock him to sleep in the rocking chair. Sometimes he would go to sleep in 10 mins, other times it would take 2 hours. His nap schedule did not change from this. After 10 days I had cut him back on the night nursing and was pretty exhausted.

    Phase 2
    After one night waking, where DS had been up for 2 hours, I told him it was bed time, put on music and laid him down in his crib. I stood there and rubbed his belly, talked to him and after about 20 minutes of fussing he fell asleep. I'm now doing that for bed and naptime. Through this process he has weaned without much encouragement, now we just breastfeed once upon waking up in the morning to help slowly easy my production. We have a consistent routine and times for bed and naps.

    The Problem:
    He doesn't go to sleep for me! The routine for the family is to lay down DS with the cuddly toy, music etc and sooth him until he's pretty much asleep. We also make sure that he has every possible need met before we start the soothing bedtime process. If he doesn't calm now leave him in the crib for 10 minutes and come back to try again. This works for Dad and Grandma within 20 minutes every time. I just spent 4 hours today doing this to only get him to sleep about 20 minutes. We're both exhausted and mad at each other. He throws extra fits for me at naptime, and when he falls asleep it last anywhere from 1-20 mins during the day. At night it takes me about an hour to put him to back to sleep. He is making progress at night, IE sleeping for longer stretches. I'm just tired, and frustrated. I thought that after a week of laying DS in his crib, he'd be used to me doing it. But it seems like he's getting more stubborn, and just for me. I don't know if I need to change what I'm doing or maybe in another couple of days things will get better.

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    Have you considered nursing him at naptime and bedtime? Sometimes nightweaning increases interest in daytime nursing, both for the milk and for the closeness to mama. Since Grandma can get him to sleep without trouble anyway, nursing him before sleep when you are with him wouldn't interfere with the honeymoon plans.


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      Thanks a lot. We do spend a lot more time cuddling and snacking. But, all of a sudden last night, he slept for five hours straight and has been going to sleep very very easily. TADA Now everyone's happy and well rested!