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18-month old wakes up in the morning crying/ v. upset! Co-sleeping

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  • 18-month old wakes up in the morning crying/ v. upset! Co-sleeping

    My DS, 18 months, has recently started waking up in the morning with very upset crying, and his eyes remain closed sometimes for a good 5 minutes (seems like an eternity).

    We are right there beside him (co-sleeping) and sooth him, but he keeps it up, I guess until he is fully awake. We're mystified. He only occasionally does this in the middle of the night, 90% of the time it's in the morning around 6:30 a.m. He self-weaned at 14 months and other than a diaper change is pretty much a full-night sleeper.

    Anyone else experienced this? Any tips? Thanks!

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    My 28 mth old DS does exactly what you described at least 3-4 mornings a week. I think that it is just his transition from sleeping to waking, as he often talks nonsense that makes me think that he is still dreaming. I just lay with him, and try to transition him from his sleeping state as gently as possible. I find it helpful to talk about going downstairs and eating something he likes for breakfast, or by suggesting a favourite book to read in bed catches his attention and takes him out of his sleepy/grouchy state sooner.