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Help! 21mo getting up at 4.27am!!

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  • Help! 21mo getting up at 4.27am!!

    What is going on??!!! My LO has started waking up at 4.30ish and getting up raring to go for the day!
    I have tried black out blinds, cransiosacral therapy at bedtime last night, decent gap between daytime sleep etc etc. The only thing I can think is perhaps he's going through a growth spurt and is waking up hungry, and maybe needs a bedtime snack or porridge.
    Previously he was content to just nurse when he woke, but last few weeks he has asked (bleated!) for water before and after nursing. We gently night weaned him between 14-16 months and he sleeps from 8pm to the morning generally.
    Perhaps this is just another 'phase' I have to accept. The thing is that I am 9 weeks pregnant and i am so much more tireder than usual!!
    Perhaps it is the summer soltstice and after 21st june he will start sleeping longer?!
    I used to think 5.30 was early enough and started to accept that as his get up time, but 4.30??!! THis was the feed I used to find really hard in the early days when bf really hurt, and now to think I am up and playing with LO!
    Unconditional parenting very hard at times at the moment.....