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  • To nap or not to nap

    Hi all, am wondering what I can do (if anything) to help my daughter with naps. I kind of pictured that they would taper off at some point, but figured they would get shorter and then it would be obvious when she is done. She's 28 months btw. Instead, she seems to want to nap sometimes, not others, but when she does nap it is like 3 1/2 hours. It makes it hard to keep things somewhat consistent for bedtime, etc. Nights that she naps she won't want to go to sleep until atleast 930 and if she doesn't nap it's more like 7. She has been skipping naps rather frequently. To this point I have been trying to follow her lead, but am wanting to make sure that she is still getting enough rest. I guess I am just wondering if I should encourage a change as in early bed time and no nap or if it will sort itself out? The only bummer about dumping the nap is that Daddy is never home before 7 and she would get to see him very rarely going to be so early . Any thoughts?

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    It seems when I ask a question on here, things begin to make sense. It's like asking the question in writing helps me to see things more clearly. I think this is all brought on by her two year molars coming in and I will just wait and see what happens when she is feeling better. She just can't seem to relax when she is teething. Poor bunny. For now we will just go with the flow, sometimes nap, sometimes not, just take her lead and hopefully things will be a little clearer when she is feeling better.
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      It seems strange, but that has happened to me before - something about the process of writing a thing down helps to clarify it. Glad you have come to peace.