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Balancing good sleep for baby

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  • Balancing good sleep for baby

    dd2 is about 6 months now. She's a very sensitive baby. She sensitive to noise, changes in her environment, her routine, if i wear her in the wrap she's sensitive to me sitting down. Dd1 is a highneeds pre-schooler (she's 3). Unfortunatly dd2 has spent a great deal of time sleeping in the swing lately. I've been putting her to rest here as this is when I snuggle, read or play with dd1 (I've been trying to give her some alone time with mommy). For awhile I was wearing dd2 in the wrap but found while playing with dd1 often would wake up because of noise, being bumped etc. It's gotten worse as she's gotten older. Up until now I have been able to put her down to sleep in the swing and we've been going into another room to play. I can keep an eye on dd2 from this location. and generally by the time we've set up whatever toy we're going to play with dd2 is sound asleep...for 30 min. She never sleeps very long here (in the wrap she can sleep up to 2 hrs).

    I've also returned back to babysitting. I'm babysitting pt. (about 3 times a week 10 hr days). THis is the reason the swing has become so handy. the little girl I babysit is still wearing diapers and potty training. Not having dd2 on the front of me makes it easier to change her on the floor.....BUT now she's getting to heavy for the swing (it's slowly swinging less and less). I've been humming and hawing about putting her in our bed to sleep for her naps (i'll have to snuggle her to sleep and there is no reason the girls can play quietly in dd1 room for this). But as I said ealier she sleeps so poorly alone compared to the wrap. I'm not sure what to do.

    I can tell you that 90% of the time I am on my own. Dh works full time and is going to university. both my parents are working full time as well and taking care of an ill family member. So I must be able to do this on my own...but i'm not sure what to do....

    How do you parents spead yourself out so that your giving everyone the attention they need??? Is anyone else out there babysitting? what do you do with your lo? Does anyone else put their lo down for a nap in there bed? At what age did you start doing this??

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    I don't have any experience w/babysitting, but was wondering if you had tried swaddling dd2 before laying her down? Dr. Harvey Karp suggests tight swaddling to help babies feel secure.


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      I have tried swaddling and dd2 hates it. She likes to hug me while she sleeps (this means she spends a great deal of time on her side), although sometimes she rolls to her back the majority of it is spent on her side. I guess I just feel like I'm not utilizing a lot of the techniques that I used with dd1. Dd1 slept in the wrap until over a year old. she was always next to me. I find that this one if she'll let me put her down and is happy I will because this is when I do stuff I need to get done (like cleaning, playiing with other children which i didn't really have to do with dd1). I want to treat them the same but find it hard. Yesterday I put her up on my back and she did nap up there (which surprised me!). I just wondered what other parents out there with more than one child did with there baby when I was baby's nap time?