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won't stay in bed at night? how to deal with this?

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  • won't stay in bed at night? how to deal with this?

    Hi All
    I'd love some advice on how to get my daughter (2y3m) to sleep in her bed.
    She was happy to sleep in her cot, but last week we spontaneously decided to take the side off it (toddler bed, easy to take side on and off cot).
    She went to bed pretty easily the first couple of nights, but since then it has been a battle to get her to stay in bed. In the day she usually goes to bed just fine, however today I had to put the side on the cot to keep her in to go to sleep, and the same tonight.
    I have tried putting her back into bed without too much talking, talking to her about it, letting her stay up longer and putting her to bed earlier.
    Bed time has been a bit varied in recent months, she used to be in bed by 6pm, 7pm at latest, however recently it has been 8pm some nights. Daylight savings has started here recently.
    She is always awake around 6am.
    She does not like the side on her cot now she has experienced it off, but does not attempt to climb out.

    Other stuff going on for her:
    I do daycare from home and recently changed to working 5 days a week from 4.
    I have had 2 new babies start (under 12mo, so 3 days a week there is a baby here)
    She loves her milk, only recently transitioned from bottle to sippy cup.
    Toilet training for ages; I would just have her back in nappies but she wants to wear undies a lot despite the accidents.

    Thanks in advance for advice - I welcome any ideas!

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    How can you respond to her in a way that meets her needs? What does she communicate with you? With all of the new changes, maybe she just needs more time with you.


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      Hi Pax
      I am trying to give her as much attention as I can, however at the end of a long days work I need rest too. We've decided to leave the side on the cot for the moment, perhaps it is all too much going on for her at the moment.