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Can 12 Mo old 'cry it out' with mom in the room?

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  • Can 12 Mo old 'cry it out' with mom in the room?

    My 12 month old son has always had a lot of trouble falling asleep, to the point where the last few months we have had to drive him around the block for naps and bedtime. I have been periodically trying to lie down with him until he falls asleep. This has work a few times, but taken an hour or more, and usually involves some tears. Many times when I try he gets so upset he is screaming and whaling and we eventually give up and go for a drive. Seeing as winter is coming and we wont be able to drive around the block in a blizzard, I would really like to change our routine. If I continue to lie down with him until he falls asleep and he is crying and screaming, will this have the same damaging effects that the CIO method has? Should I be persistant with this even if it takes hours? Should I try for 15 minutes, then stop an try again in an hour etc, until he is exhausted and collapses? (I've tried this and he finally collapses with exhaustion around 12, 4.5 hours AFTER his usual bedtime- then is tired and grumpy the next day). Any other suggestions??

    Background: we are co sleeping, breast feeding, I stay home in the day with him. He has one nap a day for 1.5-2 hours.

    He will not fall asleep during breastfeeding, rocking, or any other method besides the car.

    Any advice would be apprieciated!

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    HI - Big Hugs your way! I know it is so hard and it seems you are keeping so patient and that is a lovely thing.

    There is always "THe No Cry Sleep SOlution" by Elizabeth Pantley and also there is the Holding is Arms technique that I read from Aware parenting, where the child is held while they cry and the belief is this is very healing, if they are held and validated and confirmed by their carer while crying... see what you think.

    in the meantime; eat healthy, get rest, read - even if its the tabloids, talk to friends, eat dark chocolate - drink tea! scream whith someone LOL and keep breathing and looking to the future.

    Best Wishes x