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Sleeping with a 5 month old- need advice

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  • Sleeping with a 5 month old- need advice

    I'm new to API and this forum. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and a 5 month old son. We tried to co-sleep with our daughter but I was very anxious about smothering her (and SIDS) that I decided to move her into her own room around 4 months of age. I had bought an angel care monitor and felt safer with a machine monitoring her breathing. With my son, we started out with him in a snuggle nest until he was about 10 weeks of age. Since then I have cradled him in my arms. I am really loving the closeness we are enjoying. He doesn't really seem to be able to sleep on his own. I wear him during the day in an ergo and he sleeps very happily in the carrier. Of course the nanny and nearly every other human on the planet is telling me this is unhealthy and I am creating poor sleep habits. If I am not wearing him, I sometimes lie down with him (if the toddler is napping) to get him to sleep. It makes me crazy to hear him cry at all. With my daughter I never let her cry, I would hold her and rock her until she fell asleep while nursing. This is harder to do with him since I have my daughter who also needs a lot of attention. I guess I am wondering if what I am doing is OK. I am also wondering how people sleep with their babies- should we buy guard rails for when he is bigger and more active? Right now we have the pack and play pushed up to my side of the bed in case he'd roll over. Also, what do people do about blankets? I am the kind of person who likes a lot of blankets but wonder if this is safe. He wants to nurse every 1-3 hrs and then wakes up for diaper changes too. Is he likely to want to nurse round the clock forever?
    Thank you very much for your advice!

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    Welcome to API!! You sound like a conscientious, concerned parent. Many parents have the same concerns that you do. API advocates cosleeping and believes your infant should be within arms reach to facilitate the breastfeeding mother's responsiveness to her child. It's wonderful that you are breastfeeding and responding to your child. Please visit Dr. James McKenna's site for sleep guidelines. Sleeping w/blankets or a pack-n-play-as-buffer next to the bed aren't safe. Also, current recommendations advise against breathing monitoring devices and in-bed sleep products, and the safety of guardrails you will need to investigate as there are associated risks. For our family, like many families, we felt the safest w/our mattress directly on the floor. Our babies did wake frequently throughout the night but are now 8 and 5 and sleep without assistance. I assure you, they will learn to sleep on their own eventually and a local support group can provide you more ideas and ongoing support.
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