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    Dd1is 3yrs old. We had difficult with her sleeping. When she was younger so woke up frequently throughout the night. I tried many of he suggestions i received on this site, as well as some advice i read. As dd1 got older she started to rise early. Sometimes at 4am. Still today she is chronically waking up between 4 and 5am. I have read and implemented many suggestions in the no cry sleep solution. After reading the book i presumed i had a lark. When she wakes up dd1 is full of energy and ready to go...however when she wakes up at 3am she's the same way. I tried to set it up that she plays in her room until mommy and the baby (who will not sleep unless I'm beside her) are read to get up. I've even got toys in there that are only for this time of the day. But more often than not she waits until I'm back in bed, turns off her light and sits on the foot of my bed demanding to go downstairs. I know for a fact that she can sleep longer because the other day grandma showed up with some lucky charms (sugary cereals on generally bought on our household). I told dd1 that she could only have this cereal on the nights she slept until 6am. For 5 days in a row she slept until 6:30am. During this time she was very happy and seemed more refreshed. So I'm sure she does need more sleep. Any suggestions?