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Help! Don't know what to do!!!

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  • Help! Don't know what to do!!!

    Hi, hopefully someone has some advice because we need help! We have a 3 year old in our bed and also a 1 year old, and a baby due in 2 months. We attached a crib as a toddler bed (like a giant *********) to our bed and neither child will go in there! The 3 yr old slept there twice and the 1 year old screams, cries and crawls out when we put her in there. I don't know what to do...when the next baby comes it will be impossible...also if you are BFing a little one how do you keep the 1 year old in bed w/o crawling out if she's awake-- I am thinking maybe we should put the mattress on the floor? I feel like we will spend hours every night getting the kids to bed and it's not normal to be doing that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

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    I posted your comment on Facebook and here are just a few of the responses:

    ---We have 3 in our bed ususally, a 5 yr old, 3 year old & 4 month old. We try to start the older 2 out in their beds, so we can get a few hours of comfortable-stretched out sleep, then someone usually joins in the middle of the night. I always "block" the baby, little ones aren't aware of a baby while sleeping. Next month we are going to sidecar a crib to our king size can't wait.

    ----Lots of good advice so far ! I co-sleep with 3 boys, 2yo, 5yo and a 26yo (my husband lol) We put our 5 yr old down first since he goes to sleep the fastest, then I can rock our 2yo to sleep and put him beside our 5yo (they stay quite well together) me and hubby are last. The way we set ourselves up works well for us, me & hubs at either end of the bed, the kids in the middle backwards (feet to head ) from eachother. We have a full/queen. My only other advice, which isn't possible for us yet, would be get a bigger bed ! Also, my hubs some of the time ends up in our boys beds down the hall, hey it works in everyones interest ; ) Good luck

    ----Do you have or is it possible to get another queen bed? I have 3 boys, 4,3, and 8 months. In preparation for the baby to arrive, we shifted my husband and our 2 boys to another bed. Safe sleeping for the baby being the issue. I miss sleeping an cuddling with my 2 older boys, but know once the youngest is older, we can be more loose with sleeping arrangements.

    ----We have a queen mattress/box spring now, on the floor, that fits mama, papa, 3 yr old and 15 lb Pug (1st baby! :-) fairly comfortably...we plan to add a single/twin size mattress/box spring next to it on the floor when our family grows to include child #2...


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      thanks pax mama! glad to see i'm not alone! where on FB are the posts? i would love to see the other posts too. thanks so much for posting it to fb for me too, i really appreciate it.


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        Here is our FB page, you can scroll down to where I posted your question:
        Please keep in mind that not all responses are consistent with API's 8 Principles of Parenting.