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20 mos old 1-2 hours wake at 2am, help!

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  • 20 mos old 1-2 hours wake at 2am, help!

    My son is 20 mos old same room sleep breast feeding baby drinks one time during the night, but he still wakes up one time beside the feeding. I know only wake up one time from 8pm - 8am sleep is not bad, but he will fully wake during the middle of the night (2am - 5am) and wants to go out of the room.

    He stays up playing toys and eating snacks for 1-2 hours before he is tired enough to be put to sleep by his dad. When his dad sees our son shows sign of tiredness, then his dad will hold him to sleep. His dad has been trying to hold him up earlier to get him sleep, but not much success. To stay awake 1-2 hours during midnight is very difficult for adults, Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thank you!

    Is anywhere I can get professional help?