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3.5 yr old waking a lot

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  • 3.5 yr old waking a lot

    ...I have written a lot here about my v sensitve daughter who has fairly frequent, intense meltdowns and feeling drained, overwhelmed by them and so on...

    SO, sleep is abig factor - on the v rare ocassions where she might have a few nights in a row of sleeping 8-9 hrs in a row - very rare and near or past 7am then they are so much less frequent etc...

    she has never been a great sleeper, but just recently it has got worse.. I am in 'acceptance' mode right now - but it is a lot of waking in the past week... I have all sorts of theories. I am dealing with it this week fine, but sometimes it concerns me....

    anyone else have 3-4-5 yr old waking frequently in the night? how do they wake? is it something emotional? my temperment etc etc??

    any feedback or sharing of experiences woul be SO SO appreciated.


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    Do you mean she wakes up fully? My 3 year old is still nursing day/night. She is up no later than 730am and goes to bed anywhere between 6pm to 730pm- she naps maybe once a month. After she falls asleep she needs "booby" about every three hours.. she doesn't physically get up but she talks and say" need mommy booby." she has never slept through the night since she was born. Sometimes if she eats a lot through the day, nursing and solids she may just nurse twice between the time she goes to bed and the time she wakes up, but that is very very rare. I also co-sleep, so i am always right there...
    As for my sleep.. well i don't really remember what it's like to sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time.. but one thing is for sure if i need 8 hours.