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5-month will only nap in my arms!

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  • 5-month will only nap in my arms!

    I rock and nurse my 5-month old to sleep for naps, but as soon as I put her down she wakes up. I can't pat her back to sleep - I have to start all over again with rocking and nursing. She doesnt cry, just gradually becomes more awake and alert! I find this so exhausting that I don't really like to try putting her down. So for most of her life she has napped in my arms, me on the couch, often she is still attached to my boob while she sleeps. There have been a couple of short periods in her life when I could put her down to nap, but not any more!

    She is an extremely happy, smiley, chatty baby! She rarely cries. I feel that napping in my arms is great for her! So I feel guilty when trying to get her to nap alone. But I am going a bit nuts, sitting on the couch for hours on end every day.*

    So my question - is this a developmental phase that she will overcome herself? In which case i can just keep doing what I'm doing and wait it out? Or do I need to teach her to sleep alone using some kind of gentle methods?

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience!

    Strangely, she was a good night sleeper from early on, she sleeps in a crib attached to our bed, waking only 1-2 times during the night to feed. If I had to change her nappy and she fully awoke, I could still put her in her bed and she would fall asleep herself! But can't do it for naps! (However at 4-months she started waking 4-5 times per night for feeds and has been doing it ever since! But that is another issue I guess, it's her naps that I find most tiring).*

    Things I've tried that haven't worked:
    - putting her down when awake but drowsy.*
    - putting her down when in solid sleep
    - patting, shushing, singing
    - putting her down nestled next to me
    - feeding lying down - she falls asleep but wakes after 1/2 hour even with me still next to her.*
    - nap time 'routine' of singing, closing all curtains in our unit, nursing.*
    - she also won't sleep in the sling or the pram! So I'm restricted to the couch during all her naps!

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    my parents watch my 10 month old, and has been since she was 3 months... they've ALWAYS have had a hard time getting her to sleep.
    we do not have issues at night, most of the time.
    so i'm curious as well....

    anyone have advice on this one???? :/
    is this something that our little ones will grow out of?

    jaclachmann.. has things changed for you since may?