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HELP ME! how do I make the transition?

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  • HELP ME! how do I make the transition?


    I am very new to this website. I live in the UK & I'm not fortunate enough to have any friends who AP:-(
    I have been bed sharing with my daughter who is now nearly 9 months. I have a medical condition which makes me very tired & it has been a massive help to be getting the maximum possible sleep. She still wakes once or twice at night but not for long so I am beginning to plan our transition for her to move to her own bed (next to mine).
    I love bed sharing but we could do with more space (our bedroom & bed are both small).

    I would be massively grateful for any advice & guidance you can give me:
    - how to do it
    - when to do it
    - pitfalls
    - your experiences
    - etc

    Many thanks in advance x

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    you could try a co-sleeping cot "arms reach". They sell it in the UK too (we bought ours at the baby show in London ages ago). It's a proper cot but one side gets lowered attached to the bed and so your baby sleeps in her own bed but it looks like an exctention to yours. We then put the base low and the side up, next we moved the cot further away and then moved baby and cot into his room. with both sons it took totally different amount of time:-)


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      Thanks for your suggestion - I'll look into it. I'm getting a bit desperate & am so glad that someone has got back to me at last.
      Carli xx


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        Nice Post…Thanks For sharing the info.