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Baby sleep and parental freedom in evening

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  • Baby sleep and parental freedom in evening

    What is API position on parents going out in the evening, or even just spending some time together alone ? I can understand when baby is very young, even up to one year, giving up going out in evening in favour of nursing baby to sleep / helping baby to sleep and being there when baby wakes up to help baby go back to sleep again. But after that? Does co-sleeping and nightime parenting mean you can never go on an evening date without children? Especially if you don't live near to extended family who could play a role?

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    For more information on API's Principles, particularly "Provide Consistent and Loving Care" and "Strive for Balance in Personal and Family Life", read these sections. API does not have a "position" on going out in the evenings. We support families finding ways that meet the needs of all family members. Of course, this looks very different from one family to the next. Many families get very creative. Some have a picnic in the living room after the children have gone to sleep. Some use a mother's helper. Like you, our family didn't have help from extended family, so we developed close friendships with other couples with children who could help. We found that we were much more comfortable going out to breakfast on a weekend, partly because I was always too tired to go out at night. There are many ways to nurture your relationship with your partner, in fact, API strongly encourages it.