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Pregnant, uncomfortable and cosleeping with toddler

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  • Pregnant, uncomfortable and cosleeping with toddler

    Hi ladies, I am 25 weeks pregnant and currently cosleep with my husband and our 2.5 yr old. We nightweaned at about 18 months and were nursing during the day until about 18 weeks of pregnancy when my milk dried up. I am getting really uncomfortable in bed being that I am pregnant and not allowed to sleep on my back. I want to transition my daughter to her bed but am finding it hard. We live in a 1BR apt and have her crib converted to a toddler bed in our room. We tried to get her in there and it went well for about 2 weeks and then stopped. She goes to bed late, always has, and that works for us because I work evenings part time and like to sleep in the morning. But I am tired and not getting sleep and I don't know how to get her into her bed. When the baby comes I am going to get an arms reach *********. I have tried to make her excited about sleeping in her bed which she was for a second but now she doesn't want to anymore. I don't want to fight with her about it so I let her back in my bed. I've tried putting her in after she is asleep and she wakes up and comes back in. I want to be gentle about this so I'm trying to say things like- sometimes you can sleep with us and sometimes you sleep in your bed. I don't know what to do. I'm tired and at night I have no energy to go through the whole thing with her, sitting next to the bed stroking her for an hour until she maybe falls asleep and then winds up in our bed anyway. Any advice?