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Cosleeping with toddlers, new baby on the way, help!

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  • Cosleeping with toddlers, new baby on the way, help!

    I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas regarding a family bed sleeping arrangment? I have a 31/2yr old and a 2yr old and am 5 months pregnant, currently we all sleep in one big bed (hubby incl).
    I have coslept with my youngest since birth, and brought my eldest in with us, for many different reasons, when his brother was a few months old.
    If I am in bed everyone sleeps pretty well. Bed times are usually really peaceful, my eldest and I often talk over the day ,and any fears, and we all cuddle to sleep. My youngest still breast feeds and often nurses once during the night time. Overall I am really happy with this arrangement and had planned to transition the boys together to a joint bed when my youngest stops nursing, or as and when they seemed ready.
    So here is my problem...where exactly is the newborn going to fit? Currently the boys fall asleep one in each arm! I am reluctant to move my 3 yr old back to his own bed as we have some other connection issues right now...also when I tried to gently include him in problem solving this issue he immediately said (without my even mentioning it) "I want to sleep next to mama" and got tearful. His brother has never fallen asleep at night without me and is really attached right now.
    Help, how do I make this work for everyone? Has anyone been in a similar situation? I don't think the bed is big enough, or safe enough to include the newborn...and who doesn't get to sleep next to mama?
    Any ideas gratefully received, Thanks