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HELP- are short naps really so bad????

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  • HELP- are short naps really so bad????

    Greetings all... this is my first post I'v got an almost 8 month old who has always had difficulties staying asleep for long naps. He does need them; I think???? All the books say so, and he will nap for an hour plus in an Ergo or with me lying next to him or on my lap. It can take him 2 minutes to 25 minutes to fall asleep... usually on the lesser side. But I'm exhausted trying to get him to nap longer. He's pretty darn happy when he's awake, and very distractible. I'v spent these entire 8 months dedicated to getting him longer naps to get his night time sleep longer, but I'm not sure it's helping. I'm tired of being on nap duty and wonder if ge just can't nap longer since he doesn't know how to fall asleep on his own. ANY suggestions would be great!!!! And I'v read lots... No CRY Sleep solution, DR.Sears Sleep book, Baby sleep site booklet, etc. I'm willing and tired at this point.

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    Sleeping issues

    This is my first post also and I am no expert, infact all I can say is that I have twin girls and they nap less than an hour at time if they are not touching myself or dad. I have decided to go with the flow and am on nap duty everyday and just enjoy my time with them. That said there are a milloin things I could get done if I could let them nap on their own but I am letting them lead the way. I would love to give an answer but don't have one except I think babies know what they need and just inherently do it. If he needs more sleep he will and if he wants you with him I think it is what it is. I believe that kids will ultimately always grow up and away from us as it is supposed to be over time so this too shall pass if that helps at all. He won't be 21 on your lap LOL so know it won't be like this forever and this sweet cuddle time is short lived. I try to sleep when my babis sleep so we all cuddle together and nap... May as well rest also or browse the web on my phone! Karole


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      My little one is 7.5 months and will only nap if I nurse her to sleep and lie next to her. She will nap for 30 minutes and then wake up. If I let her nurse again she will sometimes fall back to sleep. Our longest naps are 2 hours but they are rare and are really 2-4 short naps joined together. Some naps she stays attached to me and other naps she falls off and goes into a deep sleep. Even then, she senses it if I try to leave and wakes up within a few minutes!
      Some days she doesn't nap at all. She is a non-stop ball of energy, but obviously gets tired. Today she is playing, stops to rub her eyes, complains, and then keeps going. I've tried nursing, white noise, calm room, etc and she still can't calm herself down enough to fall asleep. She keeps pushing away from me and crawling off. It's frustrating because I know she's tired but I can't convince her to choose sleep!! When I hear of moms who get 2-3 hours of time to themselves each day I try to not let it bother me. My job right now is to be the best mom I can be. I will get time to myself soon enough, and this stage will seem so short in hindsight.
      All this to say I don't have any advice!
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