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  • Please give advice

    I am in the same situation as Masglowe, post 8/31/2012. She gave a great explanation of her situation. My situation seems a little more complex because I have two children in bed with me, 3 1/2 yo DD & 10 mo old DS.

    Please give us some advice about how to get out of this trapped situation.

    It is not a good parenting feeling but she and I both want to be very mindful of our solutions.

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    I am so disappointed that there was no one that had any advise on my situation. I am going to try reposting in another area.


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      Hi, I'm just new to moderating the board but if you still need advice, I'll be checking back as frequently as I can. I find that two caregivers just isn't always enough to swing it. If you need some 'me' time maybe try to find someone to play with the kiddos before bedtime so you can chill for an hour or two. If that's totally impossible, is there a playgroup you can join to get your batteries charged in a different way- by interacting with other mamas? Then maybe you'll feel more at peace going to bed when your babes need you to. These are just a couple of ideas. I'd be glad to continue this conversation with you. Hugs, Jamie