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    I have a 3.5 year old that wakes often during the night, when she wakes up she is disoriented, she cries and sometimes it doesn't seem like she is awake although her eyes are open. We can get her back to sleep easily by turning on her music and settling her back to bed. She ends up in our bed almost every night (which is fine).

    My concern is that she wakes so much and I don't know why or if there is anything that I can do for her. She is a creative type of child, artistic, sings, dances and has a vivid imagination. I think she sleeps lightly and her dreams wake her up. Of my girls she needs the most sleep and I wonder if it is because she wakes so much during the night.

    Any thoughts? Should I do something? Is it just that she has vivid dreams (she never talks about dreams even when I ask)?

    Thanks in advance
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    My oldest daughter, now 3 1/2, does this frequently. When she was younger, I think it was night terrors. Now, I think she has actual nightmares, as she was asking me last night if the dinosaurs were coming back. I think you were handling it well in helping her get back to sleep. Perhaps also encourage her to talk about her dreams.


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      My youngest (2 years old) wakes sometimes during the night, crying. She'll sit up in bed as if she sees something. I tried a few things, which seemed to have helped.

      --I added a nightlight bright enough that it doesn't cast spooky shadows

      --when she wakes I immediately tell her "Mommy is here, Mommy has you"

      --I tell her that sometimes we dream stories in our head when we sleep, like we see stories on TV. Both aren't real.

      One other thing--my DS used to wake up SCREAMING, same time every night. My pedi at the time suggested I wake him just prior to that time, to try to break the cycle. I tried it, and it seemed to work.