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  • Food Fear

    We are vegetarian and we tend to eat nothing that is processed and pretty much organic. Also my son is allergic to eggs. Just a little background so that you know what little quirks I am working with.

    A couple of months ago my 2 1/2 year old son caught a stomach bug and threw up. Since then he has gone from eating wonderfully to only bland foods or breast milk. He isn't afraid to try anything, but anything with any flavor and he gets nervous. He has no other fears in any other part of his life. It is only the food.

    The doctor said he is fine and healthy and he seems happy, but I worry about long term. Has anyone else had something like this happen?

    We have an organic garden so I am hoping with our food being easily accessible he will venture back into eating more of a variety.

    I have gotten other advice of give him no choice, if he gets hungry enough he will eat it, but that was the same advice I had gotten with my older girl, now 24 yrs, who was a very different type of eater and it backfired into an eating issue.

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    I have no experience, but wanted to share my thoughts. I think I would trust his instincts. Maybe it's not a fear, maybe his body just doesn't need those foods right now.

    As long as he is eating nutritious foods, I don't think it matters if they are bland or not. Offer him healthy choices, encourage him to try things, but if he doesn't, no big deal as long as everything else going in is healthy. If there's really no variety in his diet, a vitamin might be another consideration.

    My dream is to have an herb and vegetable garden of my own someday very soon! No doubt that will help him have a better perspective on food.


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      are you absolutely sure it's related to the throwing up? are you positive he wasn't slowly backing off foods before then? does he have any other issues w/how clothing feels, sounds being too loud, lights bothering him, anything like that?

      i ask these questions b/c it could be related to how his senses are processing the food. it may be the smells bothering him, the textures, etc. some kids are really sensitive to those things.

      i don't believe in the "give him no choice" route. that seems very out-of-line w/AP, imo.


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        I thought it was, but now I am wondering. I am letting it ride. He is starting to eat more foods again. The doctors still say he is super healthy... Breastfeeding has been such a bonus for us.

        I don't believe the give no choice route either. I actually like to give a choice out of several items at each meal. I know I like to choose what I am eating for lunch or dinner and this way everyone is happy. Leftovers make perfect lunches for Daddy all week too!