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have open sore on nipple from toddler bite,HELP

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  • have open sore on nipple from toddler bite,HELP

    my daughter is teething, and she already has 6 full teeth. she has 2 on bottom and 4 on top. she is also getting in all 4 one yr. molars and her right canine. so she accidentally bit me about 1 1/2 days ago. needless to say I reacted by pulling away, and that pulled away skin from my actual nipple. the pain is awful, and it has some yellow puss on the open area. I can't stop nursing on that side cause it's my better breast(the nipple sticks out more so it is easier for her,so it produces more milk). I have tried nipple cream, neosporin(after shes done). I am in sooooooo much pain and I really need some advice. I am also walking around without a bra, hoping the open air will heal it faster. of course every time she has nursed that side it seems and feels WORSE. Please Help.

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    I go through this periodically with my DD. What I have to do is nurse less on the side with the sore. I usually tell her "that breast is resting" when she wants to latch on to it. And it keeps her happy most of the time. I let her nurse on the affected side two or three times a day max while it is healing. And it usually heals in three days.

    That pain is the worst though.


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      Thanks for your help and kindness. I am glad to know I am not alone, especially with the terrible pain it is causing me. I also feel bad for her cause I can't offer myself totally, like I am keeping something precious from her. It is great to know though that in about another day it should be over. Thanks again

      Jen+Alice and partner Matt


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        Bless your heart! I pray you heal soon!


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          That hurts! Oh, I hope it gets better fast! When you have an open wound on the breast you need to make extra sure that you do not bring to much bacteria to the area so that the sore get infected. After nursing you may take a few drops of the milk and apply to the wound and let it air dry. This will help keeping unwanted bacteria away and help with the healing. I see that you do not wear a bra now. That is smart. If your clothes stick to the wound you can take a tea sifter and put it on your breast and put a bra on top. That will ensure airflow without sticking. Normally liniments and ointments are not recomendes unless you have a hard crust on the wound.

          I hope you feel better, and that nursing becomes more enjoyable soon!


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            Oh GemiJeni, I am also healing a bite and it hurts SO much! I can say from experience, unfortunately, it usually heals up in 3-4 days. Here si what you can do:
            # Offer your baby short, frequent feedings to encourage a less vigorous suck on the sore side.
            # Nurse on the least sore side first, if possible.
            # When removing your baby from your breast, break the suction gently by pulling on baby's chin or corner of mouth.
            # Warm, moist compresses applied to your nipples (if a yeast infection is not present) may be soothing.
            # Freshly expressed breastmilk applied to your nipples will not only soothe your nipples but also reduce the chances of infection, as human milk has antibacterial properties. (Again, do not use if thrush is present.)
            # Moist wound healing has been shown to be very effective for healing sore nipples. Keeping your nipples covered with a medical grade (100% pure) modified lanolin ointment or hydrogel dressing will encourage any cracks to heal without scabbing or crusting. If it scabs or crusts over, each time the baby latches it will remove that crust and have to re-heal itself.

            Best of luck!