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My 3 1/2 year old nursede again!

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  • My 3 1/2 year old nursede again!

    I'll try to be breif. I was nursing DS1 & DD while pregnant & DS1 stopped BFing in Jan saying he will nurse again when mommy milk returns after baby comes. Well DS2 came in Feb & well, I think DS1 forgot how to nurse & was a bit embarrased (sp?) to try again. Not pushing him but let him know he could if he wanted to each time he'd ask. He really wanted to but didn't know how to. Well, yesterday he did a couple times & again today. Just short & not proper latch but he is so excited & happy that he got mommy milk again....finally! He asked if I could nurse him to sleep tonight while rubbing his back. I think I will nurse him a little then rub his back before bed b/c I nurse DD before bed & nurse baby to sleep & throughout the night. Have mixed feelings about triandem nursing but am so happy he was able to have mommy milk again! I am totally leaving it up to him as I have been about whether he wants to nurse or not. He is my first nursling & I never wanted him to wean but I think it was mutual but not really wanted on either part. I was pregnant nursing two for 8 months & it was taking it's toll on me & started feeling resentful & think LOs could feel it. Had to limit b/c it was best for us all. So we will see where this new event takes us. Have to go. LOs are doing my hair & it is starting to hurt & DS1 informed me he put playdoh in my hair! At least it's home made, lol!

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    Wow! That is so interesting! I 'only' have two and my 3 1/2 really wanted to nurse when the baby came, and I do let him try when he wants,,,,,with the same reaction as your son except that he never got milk! I guess I would give him a few days or so to possibly get over the novelty of it, then gently suggest other options. My son really is jealous of the baby always being carried, so he is always insisting on it at the most inopportune times. I HAVE to carry the baby, he can't even crawl yet! So sometimes do end up carrying them both or even the baby in the stroller and my 40 pound oldest child on my back in the Ergo! I bet it looks silly to others.

    Let us know how your nursing Triad is doing!
    How old are your children?


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      Hi Naomi!
      DS1 3 1/2, DD is 2 1/2 & DS2 is 10 weeks tomorrow.

      DS1 LOVED nursing & we both missed it when he sopped in Jan. I think he misses the closeness, I know I do. Of course I try to give closeness in other ways but it's not the same.

      Tonight it was funny-I didn't have a bra on & started leaking milk, as I felt a drip on my foot, & I said "I think I'm leaking" as I lifted my shirt to check & wouldn't ya know, DS1 ran over to wear I was standing & attached so quick!


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        [QUOTE=naomifrederickmd;5359] my 3 1/2 really wanted to nurse when the baby came, and I do let him try when he wants,,,,,with the same reaction as your son except that he never got milk! /QUOTE]

        Forgot to mention-he got lucky the one time b/c I was nursing the baby & DS1 asked if he could nurse & I had a big let down (have oversupply) & he got alot at once b/c it literally sprays out awhile before stopping. So, I think it helped him realize there really was milk in there, lol! He is only able to get a little out if I am nursing baby b/c his latch is as though he was sucking on a straw. Which I could teach him proper latch so I don't get sore nipples but I have no idea how to. He tries to watch his sister to get an idea of how but hasn't got it yet.