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    I'm starting to have some trouble feeding my 2 month old daughter. My lactation specialist is unsure of how to handle the situation. A few weeks ago my daughter developed a bad case of thrush. After several days and a couple of trips to emerg we got some treatment for her. But she developed a bad eating habit. She's latching on and coming off all throughout the feeding. Towards the end she makes rooting behaviour but when given the breast becomes angry and wants only her soother. Two days ago i took her soother away completly. She than started feeding almost every 1 or so, all day and all night long (not large feeds almost like she's snacking at some of them). But when she did eat she would stay latched the entire time. I couldn't keep feeding her this often so we attempted to give her back her soother. She has returned back to the latch release behaviour. Then towards the end of the feeding becoming angry at the breast, and still making rooting behaviour. any suggestions on what to do?

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    Hmmmm, hard one. She doesnt have a blocked nose does she? I know that my LO does the same thing if he cannot breath properly out his nose, then gets really upset that its taking so long! I find when he is like that the football hold works better as his nose seems to be free. Worth a try? Sounds like she really needs to be taught how to latch on properly again, the thrush would have made it uncomfortable to feed and those memories could still be there.... If thats the case it will just be lots of patience on your part as you help her through this. Keep pumping if you can to keep your supply up as you haven't been feeding for long enough to guarantee supply for too long. If possible it might just take a few days of camping on the couch and getting as much milk into her as poss and hope that this stage passes. Try and stay on the same breast for an hour or so if she is only taking little sips cause you want to make sure she is still getting the hindmilk..... sorry I dont have any real advise for you. Hope it gets better soon.


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      nope no blocked nose. i've tried switching back to the original hold i was taught instead of the cross cradle hold (where your hand is behind her neck and you basically shove her as far on the breast as possible) but she mearly becomes even angrier and than will compleatly refuse the breast all together. she'll arch back and fight the hold as much as possible.


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        Wow this is totally famaliar. Jeremiah -3 wks- had a tongue tie which intially caused supply problems, got past that and then got nailed with bad thrush. Thrush was treated and is resolved. Jeremiah began fighting feedings and latching. Which caused me severe anxiety and inhibited my letdown so my supply tanked again and he is still not at birth weight (10 lbs, 10 oz). I went to an IBCLC who instructed us on using the SNS.

        This helped because while it was healing, the swallowing alleviates the itchiness/pain in the throat. Also he needed food. A friend donated 7 ounces on Tuesday and we started supplementing 2 ounces at a feeding every three hours. I pumped the other breast while nursing via the SNS. Then at 1.5 hours, pumped both sides. This took the pressure off him having to nurse all the time. Well yesterday, he started to do more comfort nursing and he was latching on immediately. Intially he was annoyed about no fast flow but then last night he latched on by himself and contented nursed back to sleep after a SNS session.

        This morning at 6:30 I did the SNS feed. At 9 he was rooting so I decided to latch him on to bare breast seeing as for the last day and a half plus, I've been keeping up with his needs. He nursed pretty well and I used the Super-switch technique (nurse first breast, after swallowing slows/stopped/ switched to right/back to left, back to right, then I pumped.

        So far while still early [2pm] no SNS needed. I might need to use it tonight when my supply will dip a bit. What I'm avoiding is him becoming fustrated at the breast if there is not much flow. Otherwise I'm thinking it could retrigger the strike.

        While I'm sure your supply is fine, this technique might help to woo her back to the breast!