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    I co-sleep with my 2 month old daughter and we've just started nursing laying down it works out great, just one little problem. How do you burp the baby? I mean I don't mind sitting up to burp her but if i've got to sit up to burp her i might as well sit up to feed her. how do the other mothers out there deal with their night time feedings and burping their babies?? any suggestions?

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    I only burped if he felt squirmy or uncomfortable, and if I did I would lay him up my belly to burp.

    OK. I have to try and describe this better.
    I finished nursing on side.
    I roll to my back
    I put baby on his stomach on mine but with feet or knees on the bed and head towards other side of bed.

    I only remember doing that a few times with this second baby. Do people burp every time?
    I don't really do it at night. Does your baby really seem to need it or are you just covering all your bases?

    Lying down and nursing is a great skill to have isn't it!
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      i never burped ds2. i was rarely able to get a burp out of ds1, i'd pound on his back for 10 min. then he'd let out a big one 15 min. later

      i'm w/naomi, if they're not squirmy, beating on their back only increases the likelihood of waking them up after they've nursing so sweetly back to sleep. it actually felt rude to try to burp him at nite.


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        i burp all the time i find with my over-active let down there is always gas in there


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          But does he wake up if you don't burp him?
          I had some much milk issues also..... the gas will get out on its own eventually.


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            I've never not burped her. I thought you always had to burp. They taught us in our prenatal classes you put them on one breast and then burp them until you get one (doesn't matter if it's big or little) than you switch breasts, and burp them after that breast. Until they are old enough to get the gas out themselves. I didn't know what age that was though


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              When my LO was really little he needed to be burped after every feed or would get a very sore tummy... now that he is a bit older he no longer needs that which is great. I used to stay on my side after the feed and then lean him against my tummy, up slightly so he was sort of arms over my side and tummy against tummy. Just this position would usually make him burp but if nothing happened I would just rub up his back. It worked well cause I didnt really have to get up and he was still supported and didnt have to be moved too much himself. Because he was leaning forward a bit while he burped he did sometimes have a spill, just to warn you!

              Some babies are more windy than others. She may not need it... does she always burp when you wind her? Thats a pretty good indication. If you are getting a burp after every feed then maybe she does need it, if its hit and miss she might be alright left to her own devises. My little boy stopped needing constant burping after about four months. I think the age also depends on the baby. Experiment a bit, you will know pretty quickly if she is uncomfortable without a burp. Her tummy will probably be a little hard and she might seem a bit squirmier than normal, just looking uncomfortable.

              Hope it works for you.
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                Hello, this is from

                "Try to burp between breasts and after a feeding, but don't worry if baby does not burp and is content."


                So what I am really saying is---If your baby has fallen asleep and you are about to, don't worry about the burping. Even if you are nursing down for a nap, at least you can get a 10 minute snooze! And that alone is a good reason for laying down and nursing.
                Kellymom did say 4 mo is usually when you can stop burping, but I bet you will want to have your baby a little used to laying down nursing then!