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introduced solids--now constipated!

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  • introduced solids--now constipated!

    my DD hasnt pooped in 9 days now. we gave her about 1/3 (probably more like 1/4) jar of bananas for 4 days in a row. that's it. the rest of her intake is breastmilk.

    she suddenly went from pooping DAILY to not in 9 days. i discontinued all solids 6 days ago and still nothing.

    she is 6 months 1 wk old.

    my relatives are suggesting a baby suppository but i really dont want that or like that idea.

    any suggestions? i have tried cycling her legs and massaging her belly and having her adjusted. she hates prunes, we tried those 6 days ago to see if it would help. she barely ate two spoonsful.

    help? i feel badly not doing anything about it..although she seems pretty happy. mabye a bit more fussy than normal but she doesnt seem to be suffering at all.

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    I was reading this page on Dr. Sears's site

    "Constipation refers to the compactness of the stools and the difficulty passing them, not the frequency of bowel movements. The consistency and number of stools varies according to age and from baby to baby."

    Does she seem in pain or otherwise not herself?
    I would go a few days just back on breast milk to even out her system.
    and/or as Dr. S recommends "diluted prune juice (with pulp), a tablespoon or two for the six- month-old"
    Use a dropper and sneak a few drops in at a time if she doesn't like it.
    Dr S does say "Delay introduction of solid foods, especially more constipating ones, such as rice and bananas."

    and lastly!
    "The Bath and Bowel Movement Technique
    Here is a Sears' family trick that helped us ease the passage of stools in several of our constipated babies. Although it's messy, it works. Immerse your baby in a warm bath so that the water is around chest-high. When your baby is relaxed in the bath, massage baby's abdomen and get ready for the mudslide."

    Good luck and remember to watch her for how she is feeling first!


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      thanks for mentioning dr sears. i will look up his info too.

      she didnt seem to be bothered until today. my mom looks after her and called to say she was pretty upset. i could hear her screaming in the background. it's soooo sad for me. my mother just called and said her doctor's office said to take her to emerg bc she hadnt pooped! now i'm really worried. is this an over reaction?


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        OK So I was looking into major mainstream sites to how a baby not pooing for 9 days fairs. It is not to say that taking a baby to the ER would not be prudent, but certainly don't go in there already worried and upset. I tend to try the at home remedies first, but you must do what you feel is right.

        So according to WebMD
        "There is no medical harm in the stool staying in the body for a long time, and the frequency of your baby's bowel movements (BMs) does not really define true constipation."
        "When to Worry About Baby's Constipation
        Contact your pediatrician if the infrequent, hard stools seem to be causing significant discomfort to your baby. But keep in mind that infrequent but soft, easy-to-pass BMs are not constipation and rarely require intervention."

        Babycenter info on constipation---
        "Dehydration. If your baby isn't getting enough fluid, she'll become dehydrated and her system will respond by absorbing more fluid from whatever she eats or drinks — and from the waste in her bowels, as well. The result is hard, dry bowel movements that are difficult to pass."

        There are a few RARE disorders but those are usually discovered in the first few weeks! I think it is obvious that the banana were the culprit in bowel movement area. Were the banana fresh or jarred? I think you can relax and move cautiously towards solving this delima. There MIGHT be an issue yes! but probably not an emergency. Can you go to the doc tomorrow? ER's are awful places to wait with a baby.


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          Try taking her temperature rectally, but stand back when you do! I would try these remedies first. My ped said they don't worry about not pooing until it's been 10 days & a gastroenterologist won't worry until it's been 14 days. This happened to us because our daughter is an infrequent pooer. We freaked out because it had been 3 days, took her to pedER and that's what they said there too. The "mainstream" sites and books make it sound like they're going to keel over right there if they don't poo every day, well, it's just not true.

          Again though, YOUR instincts will tell you what is right. Hopefully one of these remedies will work!


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            So how is she? Please give us an update!


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              We gave the little tummies constipation meds (not suppository) when this happened to us. We tried prune juice (wouldn't drink it), pear baby food, temp taking, massage, homeopathy, nothing worked for that first bought constipation with solids. We resorted to meds only when he wasn't sleeping and screaming in pain. About four hours after we gave it to him, he was cleared out and so much happier.

              It happened again off and on when we were trying new foods as his body was adjusting. It was never as bad as the first time and pears or plum/pear or prune/pear food always helped there after.

              I hope all is well now.


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                Hi everyone,

                The doctor we saw when she was 11 days without pooping, said she wasnt technically constipated and to just wait it out.....

                We did no intervention whatsoever, except the belly massage under the water in the bath and a v small amt of prune juice.

                She FINALLY pooped at 15 days! it was a whopper of a poop and it was a normal consistency, not hard or formed at all. I guess it was just getting used to solids. I will not be giving banana anytime soon again, or rice. we are sticking to pears for now.

                thanks for your support and inquring about an update. i was going to post it as soon as she went, which was last night.


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                  Oh thank you for catching us up! I am glad everything is a-O-K!


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                    Isn't it funny how excited we get about poo? Hee! When I read this I thought, "Yaaay! There's poo!" bevause that's how I feel every time my daughter poos. Hee!


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                      no kidding bikil!
                      i swear i called my entire family (who were all on standby) to report the arrival of the poop! they all cheered too. lol


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                        Hahaha! That's exactly what happened to us. Our daughter was a newborn so all these books and mainstream advice places said, "They must be pooing 2-3 times a day or else take them to a doctor" so when she hadn't pooed in 3 days, we were freaking out. When she pooed, we had to call all our relatives who were nervously standing by and everyone cheered! I still feel joy when she poos, hee! Hopefully that will end someday, but probably not until well after she's using the toilet. Hee! So glad it all turned out well!