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2 mo old a 'snacker'

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  • 2 mo old a 'snacker'

    Hi! Im a new mom for the first time and exclusively breastfeeding.
    This is an attempt no one in my family (extended or otherwise) has
    made prior so, I turn to you, my friends.

    It seems, during the day time, my son will only nurse on each breast for
    a couple minutes and then starts to fuss. From 12 noon till 8 at night
    we must go over this routine at least 10 times,he eats well at 4 or so of these offers.

    This is how it goes:

    Mom ffers son her breast:

    Little Pooh: latches on, wide eyed and alert
    for about 5-10 seconds then makes this noise,

    "Eh,... eeeeh eeeh eh eh." with breast in mouth.
    Gets irritated look on his face, kicks,
    pushes down on my breast with his arm, keeping me
    from seeing his latch, grabs at his face and then unlatches:

    Mom: switches breast, burps baby,
    changes positions, does whatever she thinks will work, sighs:

    This isn't a thrush problem as he has nothing on his tongue and Ped saw
    nothing wrong. He also, sleeps and eats fantastically at night and in the morning. He is gaining weight very well (weighed 7lb 9oz at birth and now is near 12 lbs) and seems otherwise very content through the day.

    Oh yes, and he wont take a breast but he will suck on his fist or thumb readily, as if he is hungry so i'm confused.

    I'm worried, that my breasts are not being completely drained and that Ill get a clogged duct or my supply will go down.

    Any thoughts?

    THANK YOU!!!

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    My first thought is either your milk isn't coming out fast enough for him, or too fast (you would see a lot of milk in his mouth). It might flow better at night where you are both relaxed and he is more patient. Have you tried just relatching him on the same breast? Is it positioning? Maybe he is uncomfortable, body twisted etc. Do you have a local La Leche group? Try to get in touch with them!

    Try some new stuff and give us an update!


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      Naomi; I think it just might be that the flow is too slow for him because it comes out quickly initially but once the force from the letdown is lessening he soon becomes disinterested in having to work so hard for his drink if he is not particularly hungry. I also believe, because I live in a hot climate with just window ac units, that he is just nursing to drink fluids not eat and this could be the reason for his short feeding duration.
      One thing I tried today was compressing and massaging different areas of my breast during the feeding to get the milk going again, which seemed to be beneficial to us both. I don't feel so full! I also am having some success with the 'Australian Hold' which is when your baby is straddling your leg while sitting upright facing you, while you hold your breast and the baby's nape of the neck for support. I also think he likes this due to the hot weather. He is pretty sensitive when it comes to the heat so we do our best to keep him cool. I also have noticed that if I do not touch the back of his head at all while nursing him he fusses less. Pretty independent little guy for not quite 2 mos old (on the 14th.)

      This has become quite hard to do especially when nursing him with a cover in public situations, as he seems to unlatch a lot and its hard to stick my head up under the cover and relatch him ten times while keeping him from kicking off the part of the cover thats hiding my breast!

      Keeping my sense of humor about the whole thing and looking at how healthy and beautiful he is reminds me that I am doing the right thing for my baby and keeps me offering him opportunities to nurse whenever possible. I also now have some reasons to tell DH why he is so fussy and he can help with solutions which is empowering for him as well.

      I will keep posting and hopefully if someone is experiencing a similar
      issue than I hope this will help!
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        Hi. Sounds like you are on to it. I read your post and thought if you DS is gaining weight and otherwise happy and healthy then you watching and doing all that you are is perfect! Trust the process of breastfeeding and the communication between you and your son (as you are) and you two will figure it out. I found the following very helpful:

        Cries that sound like:

        'Eh' are upper wind. Burp and or keeping them upright helps.
        'Neh' are hungry. Listen for the 'n' sound
        'Heh' uncomfortable--Cold, wet, hot, etc. Listen for the 'h' sound
        'Ow' means tired. Mouth goes wide and oval shaped in cry.
        'Eairh' are lower wind. Bowel pain. Listen for the more insistent 'r' sound in the cry.

        These are only guidelines and you and your son may have different sounds so do not let these override your instinctual knowing/learning of his cries.

        Hope this helped...It did for us.

        All the best.


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          I think I found the problem!

          Well it seems as if I might have a bit of an overactive letdown.
          It is kind of crazy, and I seem to let down at least twice on
          the first breast I offer during a successful feeding. He also
          almost always leaks milk out of the lower side of his mouth as well.
          What Is working best for me is to only feed him at one side at a time
          for about 15 minute increments, then if he is still a bit interested,
          give him the other breast for just a minute or two.

          One thing that I noticed is that he was gassy, (burping and flatulent)
          and does spit up a bit after almost ever long feeding. This, I have learned,
          can be a result of digesting too much lactose which is present in higher quantities in the foremilk- which he is getting a lot of when he nurses off of,both breasts equally in proportion to someone who has a normal let down.

          Also, he does better when feeding in a lying or australian hold position
          where his head is not below my breast. I do try as well to offer him the "lower flow" one first, so he is primed to suckle and is a bit more prepared
          for the blast he gets off of the one with the faster flow. Burping before feeding, between breasts, and after feedings is helping as well, also hand expressing a tablespoon or so off of the breast not being fed on especially when it is not going to be offered at that time is helpful with the full feeling.

          I REALLY hope someone can benefit from this information who is having the same problem. Gosh, if I ever have to go back to work, I SOOOOO want to be an LC!

          The below link and the other articles at the bottom of the page
          were helpful.

          Thanks as well to the mommies who gave their input.
          I will let y'all know how progess goes but so far it seems
          we are on the road to progress...

          I love being a mom!


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            Can Relate

            My one month old wouldn't nurse for more than a couple of minutes at a time either. I was frantic for awhile worrying constantly that he wasn't eating enough But I realized that he was gaining weight and acting normally (not lethargic) so I relaxed and just let him do his thing. I realize how hard that is but if he seems alright go with it. Above all trust your instincts and know that you are doing really great!!!