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Help!!! Zoe won't nurse!

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  • Help!!! Zoe won't nurse!

    I am exclusively BF-ing, I have mastitis, and now my 4 month old preemie will not nurse from either side!!! She absolutely refuses a bottle...what do I do?

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    I am so sorry you are going through this.

    Are you on any medication for your mastitis? If so, what is it? I'm happy to check the Medications and Mother's Milk guide I have.

    This might be a helpful read too:

    She might be very fussy, but she will not let herself go hungry. She will nurse again or take a bottle soon enough.


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      it sounds like you're very scared. can you give any more info? how long has this been going on? did she simply skip a feeding, or has it been all day? is she otherwise happy?


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        How long has it been? How does she feel? Have you tried a cup? Are your breasts so full that it is hard to latch on? Can you pump some to lessen the pressure?
        This first thing you need to do is relax! Tell yourself
        "I am relaxing my shoulders and my neck, my baby will eat when she is ready, I am staying calm and taking care of myself, my sweet baby will let me know when she is ready."
        Get some local reinforcements--Have you contacted your La Leche League?
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          yes ditto on all the above questions..please give us more info to help you...


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            She did nurse a little yesterday. not much but a little, enough to let her pee once.

            I let my 2 y/o nurse on that side first and that helped a little and I have been pumping and massaging like crazy! To almost no relief, my breast is still lumpy and painful and Zoe does not care for it.

            It has been going on three days where she does not care for the taste of milk and been refusing it. She has not had a bottle since her NICU days and adamantly refuses to take one.

            I had my neighbor and best friend nurse her yesterday before she went on vacation. (I am sorry if that grosses you out but, we have fed each other's kids before, and I was desparate.)


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              best friend nurse her yesterday
              I think that is an excellent temporary solution and you are lucky to have that kind of close relationship with another woman. So she was able to nurse--so it is something about your breasts right now. Did you call LLL? Try cleaning out a Tylenol dosing cup and putting milk in it for her to lap up. If she takes to it, do it until she is full. Have you seen a doctor?

              Recurrent mastitis may also mean that mother's immune system is generally run down, because of fatigue and stress.
              Rest, rest, rest
              Alternate warm and cold compresses on your breasts
              Gently massage the area of tenderness
              Breastfeed frequently on the affected side. If it hurts to nurse the baby, start the feeding on the breast that is not sore, and switch to the sore side after your milk lets down. Breastfeeding is usually more comfortable when the milk is flowing. It's important to empty the inflamed breast. As in other parts of the body, fluid that is trapped can get infected. Your baby can empty your breast more efficiently than a breast pump. However, if your baby is not nursing well, you may have to use a breast pump or hand expression to get the milk out.
              Vary the baby's position at the breast,
              Take analgesics for fever and pain.
              Drink lots of fluids,
              If baby refuses to nurse on the affected breast, it may be because inflammation of the milk glands increases the sodium content of your milk, giving it a salty taste. Most babies either don't notice or don't mind, and go right on nursing. Some may object to the change and fuss or refuse to nurse from that side. Try starting the feeding on the unaffected side and finishing on the salty side. As the inflammation subsides, your milk will soon return to its usual taste.
              Keep us updated!


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                Might help

                I am so sorry to hear about your nursing predicament. My one month old wouldn't nurse for the first week and we pumped milk and fed him from a medicine dropper. Finally I bought a nipple shield and he latched on beautifully. However, that is a mixed blessing. Now he won't nurse without it and you must make sure to have it handy at all times. Don't know if that is helpful at all but I hope so.


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                  thought I should update this. Monday i had to have an abscess drained. Which was frightening but not bad. thankfully i am a lot more comfortable now.

                  Zoe has resumed nursing with vigor. I think she knew I was stressed and that was stressing her out...bad circle. but we are good for the moment

                  thank you so much for encouragement and advice!