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  • Good fats for under 2

    DS just had his checkup and Doc said he is under weight. She said I should be giving him more fat in his diet until he turns two. Does anybody have any suggestions for ways other than whole milk and yogurt (already doing these) to give him extra fat without starting poor eating habits with things such as fried foods, etc.?

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    avocado, olive oil, fish, and organic eggs are all high in good fats. omega-3s are awesome for little ones (and us, too).


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      I agree with PaxMamma. I also give my little one a tbsp of fish oil, molecularly distilled. good for the developing brain. and lots of other things!


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        Thank you. The fish oil sounds like a good idea. Where do I find something like that though. I think I'll increase the amount of fish I feed him as well. I didn't know avocados were high in fat. I wonder if he'll like them? Hmm...
        Thanks for the suggestions!


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          health food stores usually sell good fish oil, you can also get it on line. try making guacamole if he won't eat the avocados directly. give him some chips/crackers/tortillas to dip in it. most toddlers love to dip!


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            Ditto on the avocados. Also flax seed oil and coconut oil are good. We add a little of both to our smoothies every morning.

            If your LO won't eat avocado, you can add that to a smoothie too. Strawberry and OJ hide the flavor well.


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              just curious if you don't mind sharing what weight wasn't enough? I have a slim DS, he's ALWAYS been slim, from day one they wanted me to feed him more (I was nursing + supplementing)

              He's now almost 3, can eat double what I eat (and I'm prego) and he's still skinny

              The omega 3's though won't hurt regardless if there is a true weight problem or not


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                Yes, its true that often a doc can make a mom feel afraid if their child is underweight, even if its only 1/2 pound for a 2 yr old. It is important to make sure all children get some healthy fats regardless of their status on 'the chart'. They are merely a guideline, and not necessarily demonstrative of an issue.
                If you are still breastfeeding, that is a good fat also! A healthy eating habit is eating until full, no more, so remember not to pressure them to eat MORE! I know 3 little boys right now that are 5-3% on the charts and are all happy and healthy, developmentally on target --just not measuring to the 'standard' at the moment. My two boys are large and big and tall. They are all in the spectrum of normal growth.

                lovingmommy--you didn't seem worried, I just wanted to include that for another who might be stressed over the issue.

                The Weston-Price Foundation (clink that for link) has a lot of info on fats you might want to look into. I have started using some lard now in moderation. I grew up almost vegetarian so it was a stretch. Some fats that are considered 'evil' in today's dietary culture actually have some benefits that shouldn't be overlooked.


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                  On the fish oil we use these for our DS by Nordic Naturals.


                  They don't taste fishy at all and DS loves them.


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                    Fish Oil:

                    I use to give DD Dr. Barry Sears super concentrated high dose fish oil. It was supposed to have tasted like lime or lemon. She happily took it everyday until she was about 11 months or so then she just refused. It was a since I learned early not to fight....I changed oils to the nordic naturals strawberry. She loves it and asks for more.

                    Apparently, fish oil is also good for eczema! and for nursing mommy's.....(I think it is supposed to help especially when your milk starts to dwindle a bit and other hormones start to flow....PPD.)

                    Loved the coconut oil suggestion...forgot about that one! I sprinkle ground up flax seed on her yogurt to.


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                      Wow-you guys are so helpful. I never knew about all of this stuff. I would have never considered giving him fish oil or making guacamole for him. He does love dipping so I think it will be perfect. Is coconut oil found just at the health food stores also? Should I look for a particular brand? I didn't know that fish oil is great for eczema. DS has struggled with that since about 4 weeks old.

                      He is 19 months old now and weighs 24 1/2 lbs. Doc said he should weigh ~29 lbs. He's been sick with allergies lately so not eating much but normally he eats almost anything. I've never had a problem with that. He is tall for his age and his dad and I are both tall and thin. I think he'll be able to eat anything and not gain much weight. I am still breastfeeding and I take a DHA supplement with prenates.

                      Does anyone know how much and what kind of fish he can eat and I can eat while still breastfeeding? I've heard that I have to limit my intake and only have certain types. Should I limit his intake with certain types as well? I really don't know much about this. Any suggestions would be helpful!

                      Thanks again everyone!


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                        Glad you've found some help here. We're veggie, so can't help you with fish questions, but yes, coconut oil can be found at the HFS. At ours, it's in the same section as the olive/canola oils. It's solid at room temperature and comes in a mayonaise style jar. I get unrefined. The primary ways we use it are a tablespoon in smoothies or melting it in the microwave and adding it and some tamari to chickpeas and baking them until they're just a little crunchy and brown. Yum!


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                          Originally posted by lovingmommy View Post
                          He is 19 months old now and weighs 24 1/2 lbs. Doc said he should weigh ~29 lbs.
                          My almost 3 year doesn't weigh 29lbs, so to me, you should disregard that bit of your docs advice.

                          Sounds perfect the way he is, but yeah the fish oil won't hurt! The avocado is great! Just be sure to have the paper towels ready


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                            Does anyone know how much and what kind of fish he can eat and I can eat while still breastfeeding?
                            An Article=
                            What Women Should Know About Mercury In Fish

                            I also avoid some 'red' fish because sometimes they dye it!


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                              I'm going to try the coconut oil, tamari and chickpeas. It does sound yummy!

                              I am learning to disreguard doctors comments about my son's weight. I've always felt that he is healthy the way he is. I will keep the papertowels close by for the guacomole-sounds like fun.

                              Thank you for the link. I'm going to look at it. It will be so helpful since I'm a worry wart when it comes to things like this.