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  • New here....seeking advice

    I'm a first time mom to an 8mo son, and we've been practicing a lot of AP since day one. We exclusively breastfeed, co-sleep, babywear, never CIO, part-time cloth diaper, etc.

    I'm getting really 'done' with breastfeeding. I feel terrible knowing the lengths some moms go to to even breastfeed a little bit, and we've been trouble-free for several months.

    I just feel like I'm lost --- his only real source of comfort, and he's so big and strong that I feel like he's eating constantly (still every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-3.5 hours at night). I'm exhausted. We don't do bottles really ever, so I'm the only one that's up with him.

    I'm getting to the point where I'm rationalizing the fact that he's gotten so much breastmilk nutrition already that the next 3.5 months wouldn't be a huge deal if he got formula, but I feel so guilty giving it up for my sake.....very selfish.

    I have no idea how to go about weaning without completely shattering everything.....he nurses to sleep for naps and nighttime, but he does use a paci plenty of other times....would he fall asleep after a bottle the same way?

    Ugh, I don't know if I want to wean or am just feeling

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    it sounds like you are touched out and maybe wanting to wean is just a symptom of that touchedoutness.

    some things that would help me was going in to the bathroom and taking deep breaths while rubbing my skin. i think maybe having a new sensation on my skin helped 'reset' the strong emotions i was having being touched in that needy way.

    there are alot of really awesome relaxation techniques you could use to increase your tolerance.

    meditation is a big one that has helped me through alot.

    also have you been to la leche league? good support really helps...


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      Originally posted by KittenKC View Post
      and 3-3.5 hours at night). I'm exhausted. We don't do bottles really ever, so I'm the only one that's up with him.
      It sounds like you are having to get up for every night feeding. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but have you tried having him next to you in bed and nursing laying down? My guy still nurses a lot at night and I wake up a little but it isn't anywhere near as exhausting as when I had to fully wake up and he fully woke up. Once we were able to nurse while laying down, I got much more sleep at night and he did too. Just a thought. Hang in there while you try to figure out what is best for you guys.


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        i'm sorry i missed your OP so long ago. but i think there are probably many moms who can relate to feeling overwhelmed w/extended BFing. i never had this issue w/my 1st, but w/my 2nd, i went through periods of getting really tired of it. it was usually a sign that i needed to give myself a little more attention, or to do a little less focusing on the intensity of bfing, like giving attention to other aspects of my child. does that make sense?

        i guess my advice would to be to take care of yourself, and see if you can give yourself a little more time w/it and you'll probably feel a lot better. if you do switch to formula, that's understandable, but realize that it's not a cure-all that society makes it out to be. you may quickly find yourself run down w/bottle care, expense of formula, digestive issues, not to mention the recent findings of toxic chemicals inside bottles and formula cans.

        good luck and keep us posted!