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Weaning & being a WOHM

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  • Weaning & being a WOHM

    I've noticed a lot of the weaning threads here haven't included the working monkey wrench, so here goes...

    Ohin is now 18m old, and I know he is weaning. He still likes to nurse a couple times during the day when I'm home on weekends or days off. At night before bed he may nurse a couple times by plunking himself in my lap, pulling away my shirt & trying to unhook the nursing cups. He & I still nurse to sleep, but many times through the night I notice the stretches without nursing while asleep grow longer & longer. He will still nurse right around when I'm getting up, and that's about it. I do still pump 2x at work, getting anywhere from 3-5oz total depending where I am in my menstrual cycle.

    What have been your experiences, particularly for those of you who have been WOHMs & were pumping?

    While I don't want him to be a baby *forever*, I'm really having mixed feelings about him growing up on me like this. (Maybe I'm feeling guilty because I have to work, who knows...)

    This has been cross-posted in my local forum, too.

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    I'd like to know what WOHM is?


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      Originally posted by Plumsmum View Post
      I'd like to know what WOHM is?
      Work Outside the Home Mom


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        Originally posted by edamame View Post
        While I don't want him to be a baby *forever*, I'm really having mixed feelings about him growing up on me like this. (Maybe I'm feeling guilty because I have to work, who knows...)
        i was only a WOHM when ds1 was 3-9 mos, so i don't have experience w/the older toddler and pumping. but your sentiment above is something that is on every mom's mind, i think. parenting is the process of letting your child go and i REALLY don't like it! particularly w/my oldest, i see him reaching major milestones and coming into his own and it's wonderful and yet, i really despise how fast it is all happening. i wish we could freeze the years forever!


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          I am now a part-time WOHM. I worked full time (about 70 hours/week) from 6 weeks until 1 year. Since then, I've started working off and on, sometimes being away for as long as 8 hours, but usually finding time to visit at lunch if I do have a full day to work.

          I was at home full-time for a couple of months after I quit my 70 hour/week job and so quit pumping then. When I went back to work, I found that I no longer had to pump--she drinks water when I'm gone and nurses a lot when I return home from work.

          I haven't experienced any real signs of weaning yet, besides eating more solids. My 18 month old still nurses quite a bit. She does definitely eat more food when I am away. When I'm with her all day, she'll sometimes nurse a lot and barely eat anything.

          I think I shared the experiences you asked about. Anything else?

          Oh, and I, too, feel like she is growing up too fast. She just started saying hi and bye-bye instead of just signing it (she signs and says it)! I've really enjoyed her signs, and, although I certainly want her to learn to talk, I'm not ready for her to stop signing! I love the level of communication we have now, with her signs and her short little versions of words! Plus she's really big. Long. Growing up fast


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            Originally posted by AwakenedMama View Post
            I'm not ready for her to stop signing!
            maybe she won't! my 5 year old still signs a lot. and he still loves learning new signs. i know, not quite the same as when they're toddlers....


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              I've noticed there are quite a few stretches even when I am home where I'm not having to "flash." Sometimes I feel like I have to beg him to nurse! {I almost thought I had a plugged duct Friday morning because I felt a bit lumpy, but it was just a bruised area where he missed my nipple but kept nursing in his sleep!} This weekend was the opposite, though, as we both caught summer colds, so there was a lot of nursing (as well as a lot of boogers!) since Saturday.