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She picks at my mole

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  • She picks at my mole

    My 22 month old is still nursing, and we are quite happy. The only problem is that I have 2 small raised moles on my breast, and she likes to pick at them. I tried just letting her do it, but it really, really bothers me when she does it. I tried explaining to her that it hurts mommy, but that doesn't help. I don't know what to do! Today, desperate, I said, "No more nursing if you touch the mole," but that just made her cry a lot. I don't feel comfortable with this situation, because it bothers both of us for me to constantly be pulling her hand away from the mole and my body altogether or trying to redirect it to another patch of skin. Any suggestions?

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    how about covering the w/a bandaid for a while, just to break the habit? how about wearing a nursing necklace that she can fidget w/?


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      Does she have "full access" as it may. Are the moles exposed when she nurses or does she have to feel for them under your shirt? Maybe a more restricted outfit allowing her just the parts she needs! I know my mother held our hands while she nursed us, so that might be an option for you. Maybe move her hand towards her own ear or bellybutton for fidgeting? How about a fake mole? Get one at a costume shop or mound up a bead of paint!
      Oh, I am brainstorming!


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        I have a similar problem with my 18+ month old playing with my eyes while she nurses. I have to keep my eyes closed, which isn't always convenient, and every now and then she stabs me pretty hard. Sometimes when I redirect her hand, she'll leave it down, and sometimes she brings it right back. When she's getting rough, it does work to remind her to "be gentle." I look forward to hearing the ideas you get!


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          id try a nursing necklace.
          my past few partners have had moles and im like obsessively rubbing them. for me its absentminded and comforting. helps me think even. it might take some reminding to redirect her.