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    Any mom's out here buy this cookbook? My DD is a very picky eater (won't even always eat mac-n-cheese unless her mood is right) and while she eats "okay" when I think about her weekly balance, but I'd like to try to put more veggies into her diet.

    She eats a lot of fruit, whole wheat crackers, and milk. On good days, I'll get tuna sandwhich, or yogurt in her. and on rare days she'll actually eat some rice and meat from our dinner. I said, I'm not worrying about her overall nutrition per se, but I would like to know that she is getting more nutrients in her daily meals...

    So..anyone have this cookbook and like it?

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    i've never used this cookbook, but my son only eats pancakes and yogurt, so i've had to get creative myself.

    here's the pancake recipe i use, it's GF/CF:

    1 cup rice flour
    2 tsps GF baking powder
    3 T flax seed meal
    1 tsp celtic sea salt
    3 eggs
    1 cup rice milk
    2 T olive oil
    veggie concoction
    mix dry and wet ingredients separately, then together.

    veggie concoction:
    again, i make an octuplet batch at a time, so i will try to guess how much would go into one batch:
    1/2 sweet potato
    1/2 zucchini
    1/2 banana
    1/2 apple
    3 stalks asparagus
    2 medium carrots
    steam veggies then blend all in a blender w/a portion of the rice milk.

    this is just a sample of my concoction. i get creative, i've done avocado, all kinds of berries, mango, etc.


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      The pancakes sound very yummy! I'm going to have to try those!

      What got me thinking about this was seeing the Oprah thing the other day and the fact that my DS just started eating solid food (pureed stuff) and it would be so easy to make things for him and then just add some to my DD's food too! Heck..even my food would hurt me either..I'm doing weight watchers and nursing so veggies are always a good addition!

      Thanks Paxmomma!


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        I tried a few when I bought the book. They're pretty good. I hated pureeing; the smell, the mess, the work. If it wasn't for that, I'd do it more. I sneek veggies in other ways.


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          Funny you mentioned this book! I just received it as a gift and I'm hoping to do the same for Evie's lunches and then use the pureed foods for Rory as well. I have yet to try it but will let you know how it goes!
          Some Mom's I know are against it because they say you shouldn't "trick" your child into eating veggies and just teach them to eat right. However, with a picky eater it is hard to even get her to eat anything at all!


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            i saw an interview w/the author on this question. she said that you should always offer veggies along side every meal, to encourage them and teach them to "eat right". the pureeing piece is only meant to ensure good nutrition. to me, it is akin to making a complex meal. i don't list all the ingredients before serving. i just serve it. as long as it tastes good, no one cares what went into it.


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              I like the idea!--- But I am with Paxmamma. If eating veggies is the norm and what everyone in the family is doing willingly and joyfully, I see no need to 'sneak.' It is hard with a picky eater I am sure, but also keep offering non-disguised veggies too. Some freinds and I were talking how we have to trick our husbands because they are more picky then the kids! My husbands palate is opening up more since he met me but he still will not dig into Swiss chard unless I put bacon in it! I do think appreciation of tastes and textures is partially genetic, like an ear for music or color sensitivity, but not so much it can't be taught.


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                i kind of look at it this way, too: i make pancakes and my kids love them. but they hate eggs. i've never said "hey, look, kids, i'm putting your most disgusting food into these. still wanna eat them?" so i see it as a part of a recipe, not something i'm being "sneaky" about.