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  • Nursing troubles

    So my lo eats wonderfully every 2 hrs at night, and she eats a lot. During the day is a different story. She feeds every 21/2 to 3 hrs and very little. I've got nursing necklaces, i've tried a dark room and i've tried nursing laying down. nothing seems to encourage her to eat more during the day. My LC is telling me to discourage her night time nursing by giving her a pacifier for as long as she'll take it. This just doesn't seem right to me. Any suggestions on how i can encourage my lo to eat more during the day??

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    Does she fall asleep nursing or is she just not interested anymore? Have you tried a lot of skin to skin contact or are you in a position to try an all day nursing session? Just lie together skin contact and put all of your focus on her and nursing her. That's not the best explanation but I think the LLLI site may explain it better. Sorry if this doesn't help, I wish you well. I agree the pacifier thing wouldn't sit well with me either.


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      I wish my baby would nurse more during the day! His current distraction is speed crawling and destroying bookshelf contents. (he is 9m). Do YOU want her to nurse less at night or just your LC? How old is your baby?