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  • Help donating milk?

    I have been looking into donating breast milk because currently I have more than my little one knows what to do with. I was all paranoid he wouldn't have enough when I went back to work so now I have a terrific supply and a freezer full of it. I would love to donate to someone who either has supply issues or has adopted a baby but how? I went to milkshare and they have yet to contact me, is there any other way to donate except to a milk bank? Has anyone else ever donated?

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    Have you been to the Milkshare Yahoo site?
    That is great for a quick response!

    You could also find someone locally who needs milk and do a casual exchange. Maybe a new mother of multiples or an adopted baby--maybe find the local clubs for those groups
    Yeah to sharing liquid gold!


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      A milk bank will supply milk for sick babies, which really need the milk most.

      There is more testing but I would think it's worth it, it can be life or death for these babies.

      And so good of you to think of this!!!!


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        A milk bank will supply milk for sick babies, which really need the milk most
        Although this is true, the chances they will accept your 'old' milk- expressed before you were tested- is slim to none. The milkbank milk is also processed and offered for sometimes 60$ an ounce (charged to insurance.)
        While this is good for anonymous donors, if you can find someone with whom to develop a personal milk share relationship, you can bypass all that!


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          Thank you for the advice, naomifrederickmd. I have contacted three mommas and am just waiting to see if any of us "fit". While I support any woman who wants to donate to a milkbank it's just not something I could stomach. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it would be if my insurance wouldn't cover the VERY hefty price or if I had no insurance at all. The milkbank is great in theory but it just furthers how atrocious our medical system has become. I am more in favor of local mothers organizing to help ALL babies to have breastmilk. If it were a more common, accepted practice I think it we could help those highly in need sick babies ourselves. But, like I said props to moms who donate at all however they choose to.