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  • Continuous nursing?!

    I was laid off from work about 3wk ago, so I'm now at home. The good news is, I get to spend A LOT of time with my son (19m) that I didn't get to when I was WOHM. The bad news is, I am now becoming a human pacifier, exponentially more than when I was working. [When I was working, I was pumping 2x a day at this point. We would nurse once or twice before bed, and night nurse as well.] DS is constantly poking my breasts saying "ummy num ummy num" and alternating between breasts for constant nursing. I seriously feel like I should either walk around the house topless or strap up the girls and make them off-limits The constant need for him to nurse is starting to wear me down as well as my husband, as now DS is more interested in me. Anyone transition from WOHM to SAHM and experience this, too? Anyone have any advice? Remind me that this too, shall pass?

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    This will pass I promise try to remember the days when you were at your desk aand would have given anything to be home nursing your babe. Sorry I have no BTDT advice but I hope it gets easier for you.


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      Yes! I've experienced the same thing. If I'm not home, my 20-month-old daughter is fine eating or drinking water. But when I'm home, especially if I am trying to do something and not paying attention to her, she wants to nurse a lot. She always does the side-to-side thing, which I think is her version of "switch nursing," which is apparently a technique lactation consultants use to increase milk supply.

      The only thing that I've found to decrease nursing frequency is to be doing other things with her, which isn't always an option.


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        When my ds was about that age (or maybe he was closer to two, I can't quite remember) he wanted to nurse about every 15 min when we were at home. FYI I'm a SAHM. For him I think it was mostly because he was bored. It was just too much for me and I started to get pretty resentful. As a result, I decided to reduce how often I would nurse him. I gave him lots of warning and explained to him that we were only going to nurse at certain times. (Nap time, bedtime, in the night and when we wake up.) He took it really well, only got upset once. I felt MUCH better about our nursing relationship after having done this. I think it was so successful because he didn't really "need" to nurse that much. ie. I was being used as a way to pass time not to fulfill any psychological needs.

        Good luck with your little guy. I'm sure the two of you will find a solution that works for both of you.


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          i'm a SAHM, too, but have had the same experience. w/ds1, i relegated nursing to the rocker and that was it. if he wanted to nurse, we'd go into the bedroom, rock and nurse. it didn't take long, that way, every time i sat down, he didn't think it was time to nurse. eventually, it went away.


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            OK, I feel a little better knowing it's not just us! I did try to "limit" his nursing this morning until closer to lunch once we were out of bed (like I said, we night nurse, and he really likes his ummy nums as breakfast in bed, too!) I told him the ummy nums were taking a rest and they would be ready at lunchtime. He gave me a funny look & still kept trying to poke at them and pull up my shirt, but I persisted. Once it was lunchtime, I sat down & called him over and let him nurse, and amazingly he nursed continuously for a bit before deciding he was finished & went to play with Daddy (or at least try to make a beeline for Daddy's !)

            I'm going to keep at it to see how it works out. Please keep the suggestions coming, though!


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              oh yes it will pass! your ds might just be making up for lost time. or maybe he's going through a phase. is he teething? just relax and try to enjoy it.

              i also thought i would always be a human pacifier but now that my ds is 23 months old, he's so busy he only nurses for naps and bedtime sleep or when i'm too preoccupied with something and wants my attention.

              so, yes, it will pass. you won't be nursing non-stop forever. hang in there!


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                If its of any help at all, just PLEASE know you're not alone! Our son just turned 2 yesterday, but all last week before his birthday, I kid you not... he asked to nurse literally every 30-45 minutes he was awake AND constantly all through the night. I decided it had to either be that his two year molars were coming in (even though I didn't see them) and/or that I was busy getting things prepped for his party and that was his only way of trying to get close to me. It gave me much needed rest to sit down, but he also napped VERY crummy that week too with waking up only after an hour but clearly needing to nurse back to sleep for at least another hour. It made me a little stressed, but I just tried to empathize with him (and we enjoy nursing anyhow... even though it was SUCH a marathon this last week). I also gave him Hyland's Teething Tablets (all natural, homeopathic), which gave him much needed relief. Anyhow, we survived through it, and you will too! Yesterday, he seem to not only have relief from his teething but also didn't demand to nurse as often as last week (back to his usual once per hour while he's awake and a couple of times during the night, and nursing to sleep for a nap and for bed). Oh- the "funny" thing about last week and all of that nursing though was that my armpits itched like CRAZY! My husband, who studied biomedical science, said that it was probably due to all of the circulation of blood to my milk ducts in that area. That was honestly the only aggravating part of last week was my armpits itching! And thankfully, my armpits no longer itch as of yesterday either! Praise the Lord! Hope that funny story helped! Like another poster said, it will pass.


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                  Originally posted by loveleighbird View Post
                  I decided it had to either be that his two year molars were coming in
                  it could also have been a growth spurt. kids usually go through one around their birthday and half birthday. that will certainly increase nursing.


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                    I didn't even think about a growth spurt- Duh to me! Thanks! I forget about those now that he is older (I was so used to expecting them at little intervals when he was under 1).