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  • Won't drink water..

    Okay.. I was watching my nephew this weekend and what a stubborn little guy he was being.. I gave him water to drink with every meal I fed him, like his mother told me to do, and he absolutely refused to drink it.. I tried to get him to drink it all weekend long but nothing seemed to work.. Does anyone have suggestions for trying to change a child's eating habits? Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Has this been a battle at home? That is, has the issue of drinking water turned into a battle of wills between parent & child? If that's the case, backing off might be the best approach for now.

    Why is drinking water--specifically--an issue? Is he dehydrated? Is he drinking too much of something else, like juice? How old is he, and what does he usually drink?

    If his mom would like him to drink more water, a few things come to mind:

    -try it at other times than meal time...snacks, playtime, car rides; just have a water bottle around for when he gets thirsty

    -put in ice cubes

    -have a "fancy" water cup or glass. When we have water with meals, my son likes stemware!

    -add a twisty straw or other straw for fun

    But it might help to, as Alfie Kohn says, "rethink the request" and find a way to take the battle out of it.


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      Why is drinking water--specifically--an issue? Is he dehydrated?
      Yes I wonder also?
      Since you are only an occasional caretaker, I wonder what effect you would have, or are you asking on behalf of the parents?

      I babysit a 2yr old a few days a week and he refuses to drink water also. His parents send him with a sippy cup full of juice everyday and after that is gone he knows only water is left. If you watch your nephew a lot, you can let him know that your house is a water drinking house only. I don't think that is an unreasonable request, but you can't force him to drink it. He will drink water when he is thirsty enough!


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        I've been thinking about this (the water issue) myself lately. We have a 2 juice cup rule at my house and once she goes thru 2 sippy cups of juice, it is milk or water.

        My DD will drink water w/o an issue, same with milk, though she definitely prefers juice if we let her.

        Sometimes though...she just doesn't want plain water and I have a hard time trying to force it when I occasionally will have Crystal Light or something like that myself. It is the sugar that I have a problem with, and as long as she is not having sugar or a sugar substitute all day long, I give in and let her have the 'lemonade' when she asks. (this may be only 1x or 2x a week at most).

        I think the idea of serving your nephew water in a cool glass w/ a crazy straw is an excellent idea. I also know that ice cubes area big hit w/ my DD.


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          Try giving the little guy Wattah.. My kids love the stuff and there is no sugar!..


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            Same with my cousin...I'm the one who taking care of her but she's too stubborn...she like drinking soda rather than water...gosh I'm having trouble with her...


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              At that age we had a lot of success with herbal tea. I bought the biggest cheapest box of fruity herbal tea I could find. It was the kind with individually wrapped bags. Great delight was had and much time was spent in selecting the flavour. Not to mention the fun of dunking the bag in and out of the lukewarm water!