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  • Vitamix

    Hi all - I'm new here and don't really have time to post much, but I read a lot and this seems like a great group!! I have a 2.5 yr old son - Sammy who is just an awesome kid in every way!
    Anyways - I'm gathering opinions about the Vitamix blender. We try very hard to eat a whole food diet, and Sam is a pretty picky eater and this is a challenge. (he eats peanut butter sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken "nuggets" - meaning plain cooked chicken - pizza, crackers and just about any fruit when he's in the mood, but no veggies) I am considering buying the Vitamix thinking this will help us get some better food into him. Are there any current owners with an opinion for me???
    Thanks in advance!
    Jamie in Waco, TX

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    I am not an owner but about a month ago this conversation was held on a local email group that I am a part of and every single person that owned it raved about it. Our local Costco was holding their Vitamix event so several more mommas went out and purchased one after that conversation.

    I, too, have two picky eaters (neither are toddlers any longer hehe) so I understand your search for something new.


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      I looooove my vitamix! It is awesome. You could definitely use it in combination with a cookbook like sneaky chef to add veggies to meals. Its also great for things like, when my son asks for icecream I just go through in a few frozen strawberries and a splash of milk and tada...strawberry icecream! And you don't feel bad about giving it to them as a snack! You can do anything with it though...boil water, powder sugar, make rice milk, almond milk, etc, make your own peanut butter so you know what's in it, etc, etc. It really is an awesome appliance that I use daily!


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        my son refuses veggies as well. he will eat asparagus heads, and has eaten minute amounts of kale and spinich once or twice. we have a vitamixer, and, honestly, i've made smoothies a few times, and it's hit or miss with my kiddo. though, most kids love them. i know a mom who makes it taste like a strawberry yummy drink and sneaks kale in. i'm assuming she steams it beforehand. perhaps i'll try it today. i have some kale in the fridge that needs to be used up. i'll keep you posted.


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          I've been getting that V8 fusion juice. He likes two of the flavors, and although I don't love giving him juice, maybe it's the least offensive of them with a bit of veggie thrown in as a bonus. I've been using my regular blender every day - kind of justification, like "see, I use a blender every day" - and it doesn't really do a bang up job at making anything smooth enough to really hide it. (Sam sometimes won't eat a bite of food that has an uneven edge, or discoloration or other random irregularity - "I don't yike dat")

          Basically, I want the thing and I'll probably get one now that I know real people (not just those writing testimonials) like them.