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how to lengthen duration of feeds

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  • how to lengthen duration of feeds

    Hi! my daughter is feeding frequently but I believe not long enough, often falling asleep at the nipple, to be put down for a nap and wake 5-10 mins later, when she realizes she is still hungry. I think this is adding to the more frequent feeds at night - any advice on how to encourage feeding longer? I don't have the heart to wake her at night. just tickle under her chin and hope for the best. thanks

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    how old is she?


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      sorry, yes, she is 15 weeks this Sat - also, any advice on how to sensitively introduce the bottle again so her Dad can feed her - thanks


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        a few more questions:
        how long does she nurse?
        do you nurse on both sides during a feeding?
        is she active while nursing, or always fall asleep?
        why does her dad need to feed her? are you working?


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          Hi Pax Mamma - I appreciate your thoughtful questions: Maya is 15 weeks tomorrow, she usually feeds for about 5 -10 -15 mins, not usually both sides, she gets attached to one side, but sometimes she does. Now and then its 20 mins. Before bed she will be at the breast for an hour to 2 hours but only drinking for say, 30 mins of that time, most of it is nurturing. (However, last night she drank quite a bit and was there for less time - and then slept the longest ever - 4 1/2 hrs and only fed twice last night which is pretty monumental - ) Anyway, another thing I noticed is that she will sometimes get attached to the right breast, often before bed, which seems to have less milk and is dry for most of that time, although I think she is very clever and recently got it more activated by all the sucking and last night proved good for her ( and me) cos' it provided more milk from a few days of her suckling at it a lot.
          She can be quite active, get a bit agitated when tired, need to be walked around for a couple of mins to calm down and then continue feeding. Often she falls asleep all semi-asleep and at night she is so tired she just keeps feeding and dropping off, sometimes she will then realize she is still hungry 10 mins after I put her down after me being sure she is dead asleep. We were usually feed 6 times a night with and hour-2hrs between feeds.

          I was thinking I would like her DAd to feed her because he did a bit at the beginning when I was exhausted from a flu in my last week of pregnancy and a 34 hr labor - he loved it and it gave me a break a couple of feeds a week, usually for the first two feeds on a Fri night and I got 5 hrs sleep. Now, I would like that sometimes and also go to yoga maybe once a week, just have the option but I am extremely worried it will throw her and really cause distress; she is very bonded with her Dad and when I was out if it at the beginning, he did a lot of her care for the first two weeks and she lights up when she sees him, but is now very attached to me - follows me around with her eyes often even when he is holding her - was thinking of trying it on a Sun afternoon when I am around in case ?? not sure what it for the best of to not do it at all ???


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            Originally posted by Reggie22 View Post
            I don't have the heart to wake her at night. just tickle under her chin and hope for the best. thanks
            I'm sure Paxmamma can help you a lot with all the questions - I just wanted to add that I used to rub ds' palm to try and keep him awake to get a fuller feed - it worked quite well. I always felt bad tickling his belly or doing the cold cloth thing :-) Also I would switch nurse a lot at night to help him stay awake - when he fell asleep at the breast after a couple minutes - I would pick him up and burp him and then switch breasts - repeat the same 3 times so I did each breast at least 2 times. This helps because milk would be a bit quicker to flow the first couple minutes to keep him sucking. I just made sure to do it at least 2 times so I knew he was still getting hindmilk and then with the burping in between it woke him a little.

            We had bfing problems in the beginning which led to dehydration though so I was concerned for a long time after and did wake him to eat if he slept longer than 3 hours.


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              Originally posted by luvsunflower View Post
              I'm sure Paxmamma can help you a lot with all the questions.
              well, i don't know about that! i'm no expert! but i'll try to offer some advice. the trouble is, neither of my 2 would ever nurse for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. they were both such strong suckers and so proficient and getting the milk that they were filled up that quickly. so, to me, 5 min. of nursing is quite normal.

              i think that trying your best to nurse during the day, in bright, well-lit rooms, and in more of an upright position would help in keeping her awake long enough to nurse. i would also suggest doubling up on each side. meaning, 2 nursing sessions only on one breast, then the next 2 on the opposite side. this will ensure that she is getting plenty of hindmilk and filling up, hopefully extending time between feedings.

              as far as giving dad a bottle, i don't advise trying to do that this early in the game, especially if you're trying to get better adapted to her schedule. pumping milk in between feedings will cause your body to produce more milk and not adjust to what your baby is requiring. get dad to help out in other ways: diaper changing, walks, playing, baths, so that you can have a little break.

              okay, think i covered it all, but it's late and i'm starting to get a cloudy.


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                Thanks for all the advice; been trying the more upright post when feeding which is helping, thank you - still frequent wakings at night though, between 4-6 and I keep meeting people who have 3 mnth old sleeping through the night, however, I don't know if they are in separate rooms. I am sleeping on a make shift bed next to Maya, quite comfy, she comes in with me sometimes during the night. Also, we just got the Amby baby today, she slept two naps already in it, will see how it goes tonight. I often don't nap with her, usually not, a few times a week I will, but like that time for /me time' is that very un AP?? not sure. Yet, at same time do think a peaceful, rested Mummy helps the situ to be more there for her, as I am with her all night and the rest of the day.... any thoughts?