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  • Pacifier?

    Okay, so I'm very new to the principles of AP, although I have been doing a lot of it just naturally since my baby was born. He's now 7 weeks old. We adopted him at birth, so are bottle feeding, although we did get to use my sister's donated breastmilk exclusively for the first 2 weeks! He's now on full formula. My question is this: he loves his pacifier. What does AP say about pacifiers? I'll admit that I haven't researched it much, but thought this might be a good place to start. I see it as a positive--it provides security for him and he obviously gets something from it. He uses it a lot--when we hold him (which is most of the time) and when we don't, falling asleep and sometimes while awake.

    I'd love to hear what API says about this (all I read on the website was that they don't recommend the paci for transitional times--but I don't know what that means or why) or what you have found in your experience.

    TIA! I know I have LOTS to learn, but I'm ready to soak up some info!

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    API does not have an official stance on pacifiers other than the following from the Feed W/Love and Respect Principle:
    Pacifiers satisfy a baby's sucking need. Hold the baby or child in the feeding position when he uses the pacifier
    Associate the bottle and pacifier with being held and having undivided attention, so that it doesn't become a transitional object "

    this simply means that, along w/any other item, we should encourage our children to look to us for comfort and support, to meet their needs, rather than inanimate objects.

    whether or not you choose to use a pacifier is up to you. many AP families do, many do not. it should just be done knowing the possible outcomes: they can interfere w/bfing early on, they can be difficult to wean from, etc.

    AP is about the relationship between family members. API seeks to promote empathetic relationships, this is the goal and foundation. there is a great deal of variety and spectrum of parenting practices otherwise.

    hope this helps and


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      Congratulations on your adoption! That's such a wonderful accomplishment.