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How to nurse finicky 5 mo old eater

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  • How to nurse finicky 5 mo old eater

    I have two LOs - one who is 14 mo and one who is 5 mo (yes - 9 mos apart, no we didn't do that on purpose, yes we adopted one). I am at home alone with both of them most days of the week. My 5 mo old will only nurse laying down in a quiet room. This is hard to do when I need to be with the 14 mo old too!!

    How can I nurse the 5 mo old while still being a good momma to the 14 mo old?? Sometimes I'm able to put the 14 mo old down for a nap (she is a great sleeper) and then nurse the 5 mo old, but it doesn't always work that way. Any ideas? Everyone seems to have really amazing creative ideas, so I'm hoping you can help me solve this parenting dilemma!

    Thank you in advance!!!

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    I have two LOs - one who is 14 mo and one who is 5 mo (yes - 9 mos apart, no we didn't do that on purpose, yes we adopted one).
    Wow, thanks for the compact information! Congrats! Did you adopt the first or the second?

    Anyway, this is my own second son had a period of that and it was really hard because I also baby sat a 2yr old a the time (my 6mo old, my 4yr old and the babysat 2yr old)

    What worked for my baby was being in the baby carrier bouncing a little and nursing at the same time. This provided enough distraction from what the other boys were doing for the baby to fall asleep. Then I would go lay him down.

    Alternatively you could provide your eldest with special quiet activities in the room you nurse the baby to sleep in. Books, snacks, a little show if you are OK with that.
    Admittedly my baby (now 15mo old) is still distracted when its time to nurse for nap but my 4yr old refuses to leave me alone for it...and he is old enough to play by himself in his room! So do your best... the baby will nurse if he's hungry!


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      Oh, thank you. Those are very good ideas. I'll start trying them out tomorrow! To answer your question - we adopted our first baby after ttc (with medical intervention) for almost seven years. We didn't think we needed to use prevention - we had ttc for so long with no results - and then...

      Life is very busy but I'm enjoying it. Of course I wish they were a little further apart in age, but as you pointed out - it can be tricky even with a couple of years between them.

      Thanks so much for your helpful and reassuring advice.