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  • Breastfeeding busy baby

    My 10 month old is a very busy little girl. But breastfeeding is becoming such a challenge. She bounces at the breast (pushing of with her legs and loosing her grip on the breast because her head has moved to far away), wiggling. Lol i've started nursing her while she's standing sometimes just because she'll stay on for another 30 secs. I've got a nursing necklace but it's not really working to well. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to nurse a busy toddler??

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    Hey, mine have done this too...super-annoying sometimes!

    Here is a great link to Kellymom on that subject

    The Distractible Baby
    By Kelly Bonyata, BS, IBCLC

    at this age (and now ,my son is 16mo) he is super distractible and since he nurses down for nap still, he sometimes puts his nap off. So I have had good luck with nursing in our regular nursing spot and/or nursing him in the Mei-tai while walking or subtle bouncing etc. Do you have a regular spot (mine is at the computer) where he knows what to do? Has he been making up for it at night?

    Let us know how it goes!


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      Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious here but I really wanted to make sure that someone mentioned the danger of premature weaning at this age. All that distractability can really create a negative spiral with mom's milk supply decreasing and baby being even less interested in nursing. In my limited experience this phenomena really seems to peak at this age but tends to get better in a few months as babies seem to get a little more interested in nursing.

      As Naomi hinted at, night-nursing can make a really big difference at this stage. If baby is able to nurse a lot at night, there may be little effect on your milk supply and you may not have to concern yourself too much with trying to increase daytime feeds.

      I hope that Naomi's link will be more helpful than I've been! (Actually, I've read it and know that it is.)


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        What Jessica said... I have a lot of mums here who have run into that and had ended up with the children weaning because of this little phase and then having problems afterward.

        When Ronnie did it, I decided that at least a couple of times a day we would go to a dark quiet room for nursing that way it was a this is nursing time... and only nursing time.

        Peace & Blessings,