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    Great thread - I've been having the same trouble

    Thank you to the OP for the question and to all the responders. My 9 month old just went in for her usual check up and they were not happy with her weight gain. She has gained in length (she's a tall one - 97th percentile for height) but went down from the 50th percentile to the 25th percentile in weight.

    They also told me that she has lost weight from her 6 mo. visit. I think their chart from the 6 month visit was wrong, though, because they had her recorded as being 17.5 lbs at her 6 mo. visit and there is no way she was that big. According to my records she was 15 lbs. So now she is 16 lbs, 12 oz. and that is a gain in weight, not a loss.

    Anyway - she has virtually no interest in food whatsoever and will sometimes gag on foods that are not the texture or flavor she wants. Oftentimes she will push the spoon away - so I listen to her and don't push. I am reassured to hear that others have the same experience. Sometimes I just let her play with the purees because she ends up tasting some and getting to experience it on her own terms. It is a huge mess but it is worth it. I love breastfeeding her and am available to feed her on demand through out the day.

    Does anyone know of a good book related to babies and solids? I thought I remember someone recommending one from LLL? I can't seem to find that info.

    Thank you to everyone for your help!!


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      momma2two - I think that those charts are a have anyway.. do you know if they are looking on the formula or the BF chart? There is a big difference in what is considered normal as of course a BF baby tends to even out and growth slows way down after about the six month mark.

      I say you are the best person to know if there is a problem. If you think that your LO is happy and healthy, just not all that into food, then you stick by that.

      DS didnt really get into food until he started walking at ten months. Now there is no stopping him!!!!!!

      Some people, babies and adults alike, are just not huge eaters! If we were talking about an adult there would be no problem. People expect babies to just continue to pack on the weight and if they dont then there is something 'wrong'. Some people are just built that way.

      As long as she is continuing to put on weight then I say continue as you are. Its very important that you keep up the BF on demand as she is obviously getting most of her calories and nutrition from there. Your milk the the best food that she can be eating at this stage anyway!

      DS also did a big dip on his charts at about the same stage and the Dr was giving me advise on how to 'fill him up' ugh, it just seems so wrong to me! Unless there is a health problem where your LO is loosing weight and really needing that extra help I say trust that they know what they are needing.

      You sound like a lovely Mum. As far as books go, I dont know sorry. Check out the forum that was mentioned earlier. We also do BLW and its a great way to put the control back in the hands of those 'fussy' eaters. She may never be a person who eats a lot, or she could go the way of my little man and all of a sudden get interested and turn into a one man eating machine!



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        Thank you, Mumtoone! I appreciate your reassurance very much. I'm looking forward to seeing what type of eater she ends up being. She really seems fine - happy, active, satisfied. I forgot to mention, too, that I feed through the night since we co-sleep so I'm very confident that she is getting all the milk she needs. It is just nerve-wracking when the doctor expresses concern. But for all the reasons you've mentioned, she is really perfectly healthy and normal. Thank you, thank you for your help!!!

        - Stephanie


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          I'm having the same problem with my DD who just turned 6 months old. She doesn't really want to eat solids yet and our doctor just told us that my breast milk is doesn't have all the nutrition that she needs by this age. My DD is also very tall (90th percentile) and only in the 25th percentile for weight. I have tried different foods and she just doesn't seem interested yet.

          Is it true that after 6 months breast milk does not have all the nutrients that babies need? If so, I'm not sure what to do to get my little one to eat more solids.


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            Hello used2btiffany
            He is a previous thread very similar to what you ask. Please take a look.

            Welcome to the forum!


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              Thanks Naomi! Sorry, I think I didn't see that there were two pages in this thread and I didn't read all of the postings! Sorry about that!

              - Hope


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                Since breastmilk is the world's best food, why worry? Anything else is a less nutritious food!


                Jan Hunt, Director
                Natural Child Project
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                  Glad I'm not alone, my son is 8 months and also hardly eats any solids too. He still nurses every few hours day and night though. He's still growing like a weed though so I'm not worried. He's 97th percentile in height and around 50th for weight I think. I'm sure his build is probably genetic sinces I'm very tall and thin. I was also told by a nautropathic doctor who specialised in pediatrics that a baby can live off breastmilk alone for their first 3 years! All other food is really just practise so even if they're just playing with their food and tasting a little in the process their doing just fine!